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Multiple retexture's of Sebastian's armour from DA2 for Origins. This is part of my custom set which i have not yet released so until then you will need to use sabrine's "Back to Ferelden" mod and install the optional file "others" to get the armour.

Permissions and credits

I am still editing the files for the Silver Warden retexture, however i have released an early version which i don't think will be too far off from original.


                                                                   -The Warrior's Chain-

This is my initial retexture, Sebastian obviously did not need to get into the center of combat with a blade and shield. Hence the lack of bulky protection. But what about the Warrior or Rogue in Origins/Awakening who wants to get up close and personal? To be nimble yet protected? Well thats what this retexture is for; I've added chainmail to armour, no, not that diamond shaped stuff Bioware give us in the vanilla games. Real, chainmail. Multiple new textures to the set to give a higher detail and more realistic feel whilst staying true to the lore of Dragon Age. The Warrior's chain comes in two versions;
the first is the standard retexture, the second is exactly the same in every way apart from the Warden Insignia on the right sleeve, just because your not                                                          wearing Warden's armour doesn't mean you shouldn't be carrying the Heraldry right? 

                                                                      -The Silver Warden-

I may yet make changes to brightness and gloss level's of this retexture, however the early release is now up for download! After installing Thedosian's amazing Inquisition armours, i decided i needed to create a new variant of my previous version's. Who want's to be Warden Commander and look like a commoner around his new recruits in their shiny new armour? If not, this retexture is for you! I've added multiple new textures to the set; including new chain and leather textures. I've edited the specular map for the set, (added more gloss to the armour), so that it gives it a new polished look. Worthy of                                                                                                                   any Warden.

2. Install:

Drop the .DDS file straight into your overide or wherever you have the textures installed. Replace the existing file and load up the game.

If you are installing the Silver Warden retexture, make sure to make a copy of your existing Specular Map, the "_s" file, as this controls the gloss levels of the armour and i have significantly adjusted this for this specific retexture. If you decide to revert back to the Warriors Chain variant, replace the "_s" file found in the Silver Warden retexture with the original one you made a backup of. This will take the gloss back to the normal levels and display the Warriors Chain variants correctly.

3. Requirements:

As this is a retexture i have not included any other file's as i do not own nor did i create them. I have created my own armour set using the model from                                                                                                              "Back to Ferelden".

I'm not sure if there is any other mod that has ported the armour, you WILL NEED to download the models and textures from sabrine's mod before you             install this one. All Credit for the models go to them, all i did was edit the file inside their mod. YOU ONLY NEED TO INSTALL THE                      OPTIONAL FILE! "OTHERS"  which contain's the Vael Family Armour, and is what you need for this mod to work correctly.

                                                                                      Download here
https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/3135/?tab=2&navtag=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fdragonage%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D3135&pUp=1 - ALL credit goes to sabrine