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Added: 28/08/2017 - 12:13AM
Updated: 31/08/2017 - 09:14AM

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17/08/31: Unfortunately had to remove the 'Clothing' entries, hopefully just temporarily while I find a fix.

Possibly a WIP/in-testing.
Might pay off to track this file.

This is a modders resource submission, content users have zero need for this :)


We clearly have a bit of a situation going with the 256 ID limit on each item type variation worksheet and soon we are gonna run out whether we like it to or not, but. It occurs to me? I genuinely don't think there is anything stopping us from doing this to get around the issue??

Basically this resource adds several "new" item types such as Dagger2 with the exact same parameters as vanilla Dagger etc item types, but entirely new, blank worksheets for use in the toolset.

Currently the item types to choose from are:


Armor Light2
Gloves Light2
Boots Light2
Helmet Light2

Credit welcome, but not necessary, feel free to take and repackage with any and all kinds of mods etc etc enjoy