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A slight realistic design update for Thaz, beloved fanmade elf mage companion from Dark Times: Confederacy of Malkuth.

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Welcome to the first Dark Times: Confederacy of Malkuth (2010) RDP release! I've been working on this project since May 2016, and I'll be releasing the companions and NPCs in a sequence for both DAO and Dark Times. 

Here, you'll find Thaz, my personal favorite companion across any Dragon Age game. An escaped mage elf with wicked flair, mysterious powers, and secret schemes, he is the original Tevinter elf and the star of Dark Times. He's never without a wry remark or a piercing question for the Warden to ponder. Prepare to be challenged... and to be taken by surprise. 

Visual changes to Thaz were minimal. I gave him freckles and shaved his soul patch. His face was already quite nice.

If you haven't played Dark Times, please do - it was a masterful labor of love that inspired me to take up modding. As a fan-made DLC, it's packed with original stories, captivating mysteries, and real heart. 

[click here to visit the DT Nexus page and download it]

[click here for a series of tips on playing DT]

If you enjoy my work and want to help me continue the project, donations would be truly appreciated! RDP is free, but I do it for the love of the sake of characters and for the amazing stories. I've put many hundreds of hours into it over the past year. There's no requirement to donate, but you would certainly have my eternal love and gratitude. It's just a nice way of saying thanks, if you can.

[click here to donate]

Here's an extra download link for Thaz via my own personal dropbox, just in case. 

[click here for the Thaz download]

As always, I would like to sincerely thank my friends, supporters, and fellow modders. Without you all, this would not have been possible. And an extra shout out to the DA Mod Squad for their eternal amazing patience and encouragement. Please do check out the other modders who contributed to this project! 

Plus, obviously, many thanks to each and every one of you who downloads RDP Thaz or Dark Times itself!

Last but not least... a million thanks to the Dark Times team, who brought us not only Thaz, but the full immersive world in which his story unfolds. Dark Times has creatively guided me and encouraged me for years, and frankly, RDP Thaz is only one small step towards repaying that tremendous debt of pure inspiration.

And, of course, a special thanks to my dear friend Questorion, Thaz's creator and the mastermind behind Dark Times. Quest, you are truly incredible and I am so glad you've finally been able to return to the world of Malkuth. You deserve it. There is so much innovation in the stories you tell. Ever since I played DT, I knew it was something special. Its creative spark is unmatched, as is yours. May Dark Times always lead to wonderful times, now and forever.

In summary: Thanks Quest, you're the best. 

Everyone else, if you're still reading: go download DT!