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Buffer, v.1.0

File under: The Maker giveth and The Maker taketh away

Just the facts, ma'am:

I like to at least visually test most equipment mods in-game, and often encounter items than cannot be equipped early and mid-game, due to overpowered materials.

'Buffer' is a ring which adds +30 to attributes, which is generally adequate for equipping even the most OP gear.

To jog my memory to unequip the ring when I'm done testing mods, it also negates the wearer's Armor rating and has extreme vulnerability to all nature, spirit and elemental damage... it's the God Item that ensures the wearer will meet the Maker.


+30 to all attributes
-100% cold resistance
-100% electricity resistance
-100% fire resistance
-100% nature resistance
-100% spirit resistance
-99 armor

'Buffer' can be purchased for a nominal outlay of coin from Barlin (found in Dane's Refuge in Lothering), and can also be spawned via the developer console; use the following console command (omitting the quotes): 'runscript give_buffer'.

See the ReadMe for installation information.

Known Issues:



2017-01-05 - Version 1.0 RELz
2015-05-23 - proto BUffer