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Expanded Item Sets

One of the features I really like in DAO is the set bonuses. They encourage using similar armor pieces, and act as an effective means of balancing powerful armor effects more easily. I also really like how certain pieces can also be substituted in for others that aren't actually part of the set, such as the Armor of the Divine Will and Effort.

This mod increases the number of items that have set bonuses, by allowing certain items to act as substitutes for others in sets, and by adding in some new sets. All features and specific items are optional, and can be removed at the user's discretion.

A few unique items can now substitute for their more mundane counterparts.

Dwarven Guard Armor and Superior Dwarven Guard Armor can substitute for Dwarven Heavy Armor.
Shielded Dwarven Armor can substitute for Dwarven Armor.
Shadow of the Empire can substitute for Leather Armor.
The Felon's Coat can substitute for Wade's Superior Drakeskin Leather Armor.
Varathorn's Armor can substitute for Scale Armor.
Angled Strikers, Backhands, and Imperial Reinforced Gauntlets can substitute for Duster Leather Gloves.
Coarse Cut GauntletsGloves of GuileKatriel's GraspPushback StrikersQunari Siege GauntletsRed Jenny Seekers, and Repeater Gloves can substitute for Studded Leather Gloves (the Repeater Gloves Aim Time bug is fixed as well).
Adaia's Boots can substitute for Leather Boots.
Deygan's Boots can substitute for Dalish Boots.
Bard's Dancing Shoes and Silverhammer's Tackmasters can substitute for Studded Leather Boots.

Four new item sets of mage equipment are added.

Apprentice Robes/Chasind Robes/Lesser Tevinter Robe/Skins of the Keeper/Tevinter RobeCharged Mitts/Lend of the Lion/Pocketed Searing Gloves/Polar Gauntlets/Spirit Hands, and Fade Striders/Imperial Weavers/Silverhammer's Evaders are now an item set, which grants +1 Willpower and +1 Magic.
Archon Robes/Mage Robes/Robes of the Gifted/Tevinter Enchanter's RobesAshen Gloves/Black Hand Gauntlets/Cinderfel Gauntlets/Silk Weave Gloves/Storm Talons, and Enchanter's Footing are now an item set, which grants +2 Willpower and +2 Magic.
First Enchanter Robes/Reaper's Vestments/Robes of the Architect/Spellminder, Oven Mitts/Spirit of the Woods, and Fadewalker/Winter Boots are now an item set, which grants +4 Willpower and +4 Magic.

Four new item sets are added to Awakening. Two of these were made out of the armor pieces that share the same item id tag number (hvy_002 and lgt_004). The Clamshell and Golem Shell armor's that Wade sells and makes (respectively) now have matching Boots and Gloves as well. These can be purchased from Herren or found along with the Golem Shell pieces (again respectively).

Barbed Fists, Fleet Feet, Helm of Dragon's Peak, and Venture are now an item set, which grants -10% Fatigue and +5 Defense.
Quicksilver, Rainswept, The Slippery Ferret's Gloves, and Wolf Treads are now an item set, which grants -5% Fatigue and +5 Defense.
Clamshell Plate Armor, Clamshell Plate Boots, and Clamshell Plate Gauntlets are now an item set, which grants +4 Armor.
Golem Shell Armor, Feet of the Golem, and Fists of the Golem are now an item set, which grants +5 Defense and +6 Strength.

This mod also includes a few misc fixes I noticed while working. The Blackblade Helm was restricted to Rogues, despite neither of the other Light Armor sets working like this. This has been changed (the Boots and Gloves are still restricted. This is consistent with the Awakening design philosophy). The Stormchaser Gauntlets and Barbed Fists appeared to have the wrong material. Stormchaser Gauntlets are Volcanic, while the Barbed Fists were White Steel. This was inconsistent with all other armor pieces and has been changed. Spirit of the Woods was only Tier 8, while it's similarly numbered companions were all Tier 9. I believe this to be an error, so Spirit of the Woods has been changed to High Dragon Hide. Herren had a few small inconsistencies in his inventory. His stock of medium armor was odd, and mismatched. I corrected this, so he sells complete sets of Chainmail, Scale, and Splintmail. He will also sell a complete set of Studded Leather in Awakening, as he was missing a common light armor set.

There is also a small tweak that makes the Barbed Fists, Helm of Dragon's Peak, and the Blessing of the Divine drop from the Disciple General's in The Assault on Amaranthine. These are normally only obtainable from the Armored Ogre Alpha and The Herald in The Siege of Vigil's Keep, which prevents a sizable number of players from acquiring them. I believe this is a fair change, as the rewards for saving Amaranthine are all pretty bad, and all Mage specific. The missing items are now also part of sets, so I think it is important for them to appear for everyone. I have also made all of the items that the Disciple General's normally drop have a 100% chance of dropping.