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A catch-all place to upload things that I don't feel merit a real release. 

Note: While I very occasionally will accommodate mod requests made in the forums, as a rule I do NOT take requests and I do NOT 'mod to order'; spamming me with requests and suggestions will generally not go well.

  • Crashing is a Crashing Bore: Replaces VFX of three talents - Holy Smite, Mana Clash, and Paralysis Explosion - with some less visually intensive vanilla effects. There are several options in the archive; INSTALL ONLY ONE!
  • An edit of Random Encounters are Less Random, which makes four combat-only World Map encounters repeatable. (By request, and not tested in-game at all, caveat modder and please read the included documentation.)
  • Vignette Be Gone!: Eliminates the dark, vignetted upper screen corners during normal gameplay and conversations.
  • Ignacio's Dagger Stealable: an untested alpha edit of Master Ignacio's creature file which should allow the player to pickpocket his unique, overpowered NPC-only dagger
  • Auto Loot Exclusions: a reference for users of Pheelon's Auto Loot [mirror]. Just a TXT file containing a long long list of container IDs for configuring exclusions. (Read the mod documentation on INI configuration!)
  • King!Alistair wears Cailan's Armor: Changes Alistair's equipped armour for the Warden's Keep visit from the Kal'Hirol-style set to 'Cailan's Armor' set from Return to Ostagar. The archive includes two RTO-dependent versions: one which retains his vanilla longword, and another which equips him with Maric's Blade (as in my King Alistair Carries Maric's Blade in DAA mod). A third file, which has not been tested in-game and which I cannot guarantee will work, equips Alistair with the DAO NPC-only version of the armour (as work by Cailan in the Prelude).
  • Epilogue!Alistair wears Fereldan armour: changes Alistair's epilogue equipment to the Arms of Mac Tir (Rogue Item Pack) armour from Entopie's Loincloth Fashion (LCF required!). (Will affect both Warden and King Alistair; will not appear in pre-rendered cutscenes)
  • Vanilla Wynne morph with 'Anora' hair (not tested in game, uses only Bioware assets)