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Inspired by Alistair’s bark about having owned a golem doll when he was ‘young. Really young,’ a new, preferred gift (+10 with diminishing returns) for Alistair has been added to the stock of the Wonders of Thedas.

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A Miniature Golem Doll, v.1.0

File under: Finally got around to packaging this thing up


"Hey! The Wonders of Thedas! Arl Eamon once bought me a miniature golem doll, here... when I was young. Really young."

My Wardens wanted to buy Alistair a new golem doll, but the Wonders of Thedas didn't sell them any more. Recently, though, the proprietor located a source of mint-in-box vintage mini-golems, and still has one in stock!

A Miniature Golem Doll is a preferred gift for Alistair, giving +10 approval with diminishing returns. For all other companions, it functions as a normal +5 with diminishing returns.

Please see the ReadMe for installation information.

Known Issues:

None, apart from guilt pangs over gift abuse..


Yep. I am an idiot.


2016-07-2016 - Version 1.0