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WTF, Lyrium Dust?
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Dragon Age: Origins, and an inclination toward hyper-pedantry.

Description, Details, and TMI:

Why is the inventory icon for Lyrium Dust pink-ish brown? WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY?????

This is a kludgy hack that recolours the icon a to a blue similar to the potions crafted from the reagent.

As the game defied my efforts to make a simple override replacement for the original icon - it worked in the toolset but not in-game and I'll be arsed if I know why! - I was, in the end, only able to effect the change by giving the image a unique name and then replacing the UTI for Lyrium Dust with one that calls the new, unique icon. (Like I said, kludgy...)

An optional replacement icon for The Winter Forge is also included (phaetwf_ico_lyriumdust.dds).

Installation and not:

Copy the tsm_dwarfdust folder to the game's override location. (Usually Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override.)

Should work in an existing game, and there should be no deleterious effect if the files are removed; the game will revert to the vanilla icons.

Known Issues amd the unknown:

None, but will conflict any other mod editing the following files:



I am fully cognizant that there may be intent on Bioware's part regarding the disconnect in the hue differences of lyrium in nature, lyrium processed into a potable liquid, and refined lyrium dust, especially inĀ  light of what is seen in DA2 (red lyrium deposits, blue pots). Absent any explanation of how/why the material colour-shifts, I'm happier with it all blue in DA:O. YMMV.


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