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The Gnawed Notebook, v.1.0

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According to the Dragon Age Wiki, there are a number of items only obtainable via the developer console, many of them companion gifts. For roleplay, I prefer a legitimate acquisition path, and in my mod The Unobtainables, I added some of the items to appropriate merchants, and in one instance, to a creature drop. 

Tattered Notebook, a gift intended for Wynne, but not implemented in-game, did not lend itself to either a merchant or loot drop acquisition path, as the description indicates that it was intended as a item to be found by Dog:

The pages of this water stained and dirt encrusted notebook are falling out. That it was dug up by a mabari probably did not help.

Additional evidence that this item should be obtained via Dog is that the result of one of the random "Do you see anything interesting?" conversations is:

Dog has brought to you a tattered old book. Some of the pages have been chewed.

which triggers the codex entry "A Very Chewed and Moist Book", without adding an item to the player's inventory.

So I've added the relevant item (gen_im_gift_tatbook.uti) to the rewards table, and edited the applicable plot flag to give both codex entry and item.

Spoilery and Pedantic Details:

Tattered Notebook is preferred gift for Wynne, giving +10 with diminishing returns, and +5 (diminishing) for other companions.


Place the tsm_dawg_notebook_fix folder into the override directory (usually \My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override).


Delete tsm_dawg_notebook_fix folder from \My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override.

Known Issues:

Will not be compatible with any mod that directly edits 'plt_genpt_dog_main.plo'.

Has been tested as extensively as I am able, in both a vanilla, unmodded game and with my usual heavily modded setup, without any issues detected; those many mods included

Extra Dog Slot
Nukenin's Dog Find Fix 

both of which I highly recommend.


2016-10-18 - version 1.0