About this mod

A small collection of morphs for Leliana, Wynne, Morrigan, and Alistair. Also includes a few alternates and also morphs for the DLC Companions Nathaniel Howe, Ariane, and Finn.

Permissions and credits
Another upload, this time a collection of morphs I made for personal use and decided to upload. Included are morphs for Leliana, Morrigan, Alistair, Wynne, and the DLC Companions Nathaniel, Ariane, and Finn. Alistair, Morrigan, and Ariane all have alternates, and I will describe in detail what all I did to them.
Included is a set of custom eye defaults (made using existing defaults by DANexusLurker, credited in the readme) and also the required textures and tint files (created by Dalishious, credited in the ReadMe) and a few textures I made myself.

Alistair (V1, V1.5, V2)
Proportions fixed, larger nose, larger eyes, added ruddy tones or freckles, and more elven features (though not too much as he still needs to be a 'suitable' ruler)

Morrigan (V1, V2)
Complete redesign (BioWare has retconned what Chasind people look like everytime they include them so I went off my own personal idea of what it meant), proportions fixed, and added ruddy tones.

Minimal change, proportions fixed, designed to more closely resemble her DA:I appearance, and added ruddy tones.

Minimal change, proportions fixed, added ruddy tones and more wrinkles.

Complete redesign to resemble her daughter, added much more intense wrinkles, added ruddy tones.

DLC Companions

Complete redesign, added more character and personality to a rather lackluster vanilla morph, and added ruddy tones.

Ariane (V1, V2)
Complete redesign, added more character and personality to a rather lackluster vanilla morph, added custom vallaslin (V2), and added ruddy tones.

Nathaniel Howe
Complete Redesign to resemble his father and his DA2 character, proportions fixed, added ruddy tones, and made to look younger.

Required Files:
Tucked Hair by tmp7704 (for Alistair, Morrigan V1, Leliana, Wynne, Flemeth, Ariane, Finn, and Nathaniel.)
LOTC Hair by MarquiseOndor (for Morrigan V2.)
45 Real Skin Colours (for Nathaniel, Finn, and Ariane.) (Included)

Note: Each .zip has a Required Textures folder included, these are all duplicates and you only need one. In addition, if you already have dalishious' skintones, delete them out of the folder as well.
A special thank you to dalishious and danexuslurker for allowing their files to be included/modified.
Note: I will not be creating a thousand different versions of these morphs, though if you have a suggestion and I like it I will probably make it. Also, I will not be adding versions that lighten Morrigan, Finn, or Ariane, there are plenty of those already available. In addition any assets created by me and included in this mod may not be used to whitewash canon poc companions or essential characters (including lighter Alistairs, as his mother is a canon poc before Inquisition retconning.)