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Beautiful faces for Epic Ladies. This is an updated version of Setiweb’s “Morrigan and Leliana” mod.
The mod includes standalone .mor packages for each face that contain all requirements for the
morphs to work in your game. No additional downloads needed!
As a bonus, new custom armor and robes have been added for each character along with the optional
.UTC’s that change what the character will be wearing when you meet and/or recruit them.


To use the .erf version of the morphs, found under “Main Files; Download the morph(s) you want to use
And place the .erf into your documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override.
The character’s face will be changed when you reload your game.

For those of you that have issues using the .erf version, (face doesn’t change) there is an override package
of each morph found under “optional files”. Download the morph override folder and place it into your override.
Face will change when you reload your save.

**Character .UTC’s:
The .utc files have been included as an optional file. These files change the character’s clothing/armor
appearance to the custom outfits included in this mod. To use the files, place the “EPIC LADIES OF
folder into your override along with the armor/robe override folders prior to
starting a new game. Refer to the file’s enclosed readme for further information on installation.

**Armor and Clothing:
There are 4 new outfits for the Ladies. Each was created specifically for the character. If you want to use
the outfit for another companion or for your PC, then there is a script file included. Just put the armor/robe
folders into your override and use the runscript command with the outfit’s script. Refer to the readme
included with each outfit for the script and information on who else can wear it.


Remove or delete the folders from your override.


There will be issues and conflicts if you have any of the character .mors and .utcs in your override.
Check the mods in your override for the .mors and .utcs listed below. If you find any, just copy and replace.

I do know that Dragon Age Redesigned by Dracomies, Improved Atmosphere by SpaceAlex, and DA - Mages of Ferelden by DracoAngel have files that will conflict. If you have any of these mods installed, you will have a conflict. Check the folders within each of the above mods for the file names listed below. Copy/replace the conflicting files.


Leliana “DAO” .mor: * hf_genfl_leliana.mor
Leliana “Leliana’s Song” .mor: * hf_lel000_leliana.mor

Morrigan “DAO” .mor: * hf_genfl_morrigan.mor
Morrigan “Witch Hunt” .mor: * hf_str000fl_morrigan.mor

Wynne “DAO” .mor: * hf_genfl_wynne.mor

Mhairi “Awakening” .mor: * hf_int100_mhairi.mor


Leliana “DAO” .utc: * gen00fl_leliana.utc * epi200cr_leliana.utc
Leliana “Leliana’s Song” * lel000pc_leliana.utc

Morrigan “DAO” .utc: * gen00fl_morrigan.utc
Morrigan “Witch Hunt” .utc: * str510cr_morrigan.utc

Wynne “DAO” .utc: * gen00fl_wynne.utc * epi200cr_wynne.utc * pre100cr_wynne.utc

Mhairi “Awakening” .utc: * int100cr_female_warden.utc


The Winter Forge by Phaenan
The Winter Forge User Manual by Phaenan and Thandal
Make CONSOLE commands visible by Angel
pyGFF Editor by Mephales
Help with opening your console

Setiweb’s mod page
RogueLass’ mod page

Barbie Pink UDK tint: Replace Nezroy’s: t3_nez_ us6.tnt with Setiweb’s Barbie Pink tint. File found under “miscellaneous”.


Permissions were granted to me from the original authors or permission was given on the author’s site, for all of the textures and meshes utilized in making this mod. No one may use anything from this mod without receiving permission(s) from the original authors. You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold for money, on Steam Workshop or any other similar platforms. You cannot upload this file to any other site.


My grateful and humble appreciation to all the talented modders who were extremely generous to allow the use of their exquisite creations. Thank you does not begin to express how much I admire your ingenuity and generosity.