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Pretty Skins

Skin textures for the toolset and character creation. These are the same skins that are included in my Ferelden Elves mod, though I've added LOD files for those who play on lower graphics settings. 

A chargenmorph.xml file is included, for use with CharGenMorph Compiler by TerraEx.


To install drop "Pretty Skins" folder into the override folder.

".../My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override"

To uninstall delete the "Pretty Skins" folder.


This should be compatible with any other mod. It doesn't replace anything.


SJC's Patchy Skin Fix
SJC's Vanilla Face Textures Replacements


All of the skins included in this mod are edited and scaled down from the awesome Aegrus HD Faces for Origins by Aegrus, for which Aegrus generously gave permission to others to alter and redistribute.  His original textures are much higher resolution and high quality replacements for the default skin textures. Go take a look at them!


Feel free to use and alter these however you'd like. 
You can include the texture files in your own mods if you wish, but PLEASE credit both me and Aegrus if you do so.

Enjoy! :)