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Added: 13/03/2017 - 01:05AM
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Hip Sheath

Allows one-handed melee weapons to be "sheathed" at the hip instead of on the back. That includes daggers, longswords, maces, and waraxes. The larger weapons will clip some as you walk, especially on dwarves. 

There are separate sub-folders for each weapon. You can simply delete the folders you don't want. For example, if you don't want to sheathe your longsword at the hip, simply delete the "Longsword" subfolder inside the zz_HipSheath folder.

Please download and endorse "sword sheaths cutscene glitches fixed" from The Witcher 2 DAO. It will also fix the cutscene glitches caused by this mod.


Unzip and drop folder into override, or install with NMM. To uninstall, delete the folder.


Compatible with Combat Tweaks

A Dragon Age Extended compatible version is available in the main files. Please use that version if, and only if, you have Dragon Age Extended installed.

Not compatible with other mods that alter the bitm_base.gda values of the one-handed melee weapons. If you find such a conflict, let me know. It's easy to make a fix. 


I know I'm not the first mod author to release something like this. Hip Hold was released 7 years ago! It's not even the first time I've released something like this, since I made a version of this for dagger/shortswords a few years ago (as part of Concept Daggers and Shortswords).

The reason for releasing this mod is that I wanted something compatible with Dragon Age Extended and other mods. I also wanted to fulfill a request for waraxes and maces to be sheathed at the hip. So... here it is.