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Added: 12/03/2017 - 06:55AM
Updated: 12/03/2017 - 06:49AM

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Last updated at 6:49, 12 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 6:55, 12 Mar 2017

This is a MODDER'S RESOURCE. It does not do anything useful for PLAYERS. 

This adds a new armor type to the game - Very Light Armor. It includes Chest, Gloves, Boots, and Helmet.

The stats of Very Light Armor are much closer to vanilla Clothing than Light Armor. Only the chest piece has fatigue (half that of Light Armor), and all pieces have about half the armor value of Light Armor. This is not intended to be balanced in any way. It's just what I felt like making. Feel free to use the template files to edit the stats however you like!

To see examples of Very Light Armor in-game use the command "runscript give_example_vla".

Variation IDs
Variation IDs 1 is utilized by the core package off this mod. DO NOT USE Variation ID 1!!!
Variation IDs 2-10 are tentatively reserved for my own mods. I would appreciate it if you didn't use those variation IDs. 
Variation IDs 11-255 are free for anyone to use. 

Modding Info
Please do not edit any files inside the Core Package! They are meant to remain as-is. Instead, please use the template files to make your own .gda extensions to be put in the override folder. This will ensure future compatibility for anyone that wants to use this armor type in their own mods.

The Core Package is required in order for Very Light Armor to work in your mods. You can either bundle the Core Package with your mods, or require people to download it from this page. Either way is fine.

Feel absolutely free to include the Core Package and any other files from this page in your mods. I'd appreciate a mention somewhere in your description, but it's not required. If you prefer, you can instruct people to download the Core Package from this page instead of including it in your mod.