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Ok, so I grew up a huge comic junkie and an even bigger Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix/The Phoenix Saga fan. So I just had to create a character that looked the part


Initially I made these as .mor files (Option 1) to place in the savegame but a few people wanted presets. So I damn near spent  an entire day trying to re-create the original .mor file I initially made in the CC so there could be presets (Option 2) for those who wanted that instead.

The presets are as close as I could get to my original creation but Option 1 still looks the most accurate to me IMO. In any event, choose an option. Enjoy! 

**If you are getting a faint facial tattoo, make sure you downloaded the FrecklesPlus mod now linked below**

Also, Risibisi has been gracious enough and allowed me to include the hair mod in the Miscellaneous section. :)
Be sure to download this file & place it in your Override folder for the hair in the pic -- YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FILE FOR THE PROPER HAIR 

Option 1
Installation (.mor file):
  1. To add to an already saved game Skip to step #2.  Otherwise, start a new game & save  -- Be sure to name the save something you'll be able to find easily
  2. Open /My Documents/BioWare/DragonAge/Characters/<<character name>>/Saves
  3. Open the <<savegame>>.das file in the DAToolset or PyGFF Editor
  5. Scroll down to line SAVEGAME_APPEARANCE_MORPH_NAME -- The right side of that same line is blank (or has the name of a .mor you've been using),
  6. Press ENTER and then Fill in the line with the name of the .mor file you downloaded and want to use.  
  7. Save
  8. Load save game and Viola!

Option 2
Installation for Presets:
  1. Download Preset version & Hair Mod -- unzip to  Override folder
  2. Run DA CharGenMorph Compiler
  3. Start a new game and Viola!

To work properly you'll need the following mods:
Look Hair by Risibisi (Located in the Miscellaneous section)
Luna's Skin
FrecklesPlus by Rekicker
SheDevil Eyes by cmessaz7
Dracomies True Textures


TAKE PICS and feel free to endorse if you like this ...

A very special 'Thank You' to Risibi, cmessaz7, Rekicker, and Dracomies for their mods which allowed me to make this look
TheNexusForums members (theskymoves, olnorton, Magpiedragon, Thandal) for answering questions and giving me guidance on making this work And of course, to BioWare for making such an awesome game.