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Added: 29/01/2017 - 04:31AM
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Last updated at 4:28, 29 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 4:31, 29 Jan 2017

A very simple mod which edits the vanilla Joining scene so that the player keeps their gloves on.
Why? Well, some modded armor use meshes which give the appearance of missing hands or arms when the set’s gloves are not equipped, and the Joining’s cut scene removes them from the player automatically, so uh... yep, you lose a chunk of your arm.

Install by placing the folder in your documents > Bioware > Dragon Age > packages > core > override folder. You can delete the folder of any race/gender you’re not using, and this can be uninstalled after the Joining with no issues.
There should be no conflicts with any other mods, but just in case, please check your override folder for any files with “pre100cs_joining_ritual” in the name as they will conflict.
This has only been tested for human females, so if any of the other races/genders do not work, please let me know!

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