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The blight is over, but the darkspawn threat is far from finished. In the Frostback mountains rumours of dangerous beasts threaten to plunge Fereldan and Orlais into chaos and war once again.

Permissions and credits
The threat of the blight may be over, but peace is never a lasting prospect in Thedas. The Frostback Mountains are not far from the Deep Roads, making the darkspawn a constant threat in the minds of the hardy folk who live there. Fereldans, Orlesians and others live out their lives in these Mountains in an uneasy truce, and the smallest happenings could tip the threat of conflict into gruesome bloodshed.

You are a member of a small military force sent to investigate rumours of darkspawn incursions, but this remote and dangerous landscape is home to more surprises than most care to admit. The small output at Fort Velen represents a small banner of order near three towns with problems of their own. On the border between Ferelden and Orlais, hardship is not a threat, it is a way of life.

You will make decisions that will save or destroy lives, making allies or enemies, and deciding who might live or die. Your choices will shape the lives of those who live here and beyond.


The Shattered War is a full standalone adventure for Dragon Age: Origins set after its events.  While this adventure does make some reference to events within the original game, and you will benefit from having the context of that story and the background of the setting, this is NOT a continuation of the story of the Grey Warden. You will create an entirely new hero for this adventure who will start at level 9. This was deliberate choice to provide players with more combat flexibility and to represent the fact that the player's character is somewhat accomplished even at the start of the adventure.

Key Features:

* A standalone adventure set after the events of Origins offering over 10 hours of gameplay
* New protagonist and backgrounds
* Three all new party members
* Difficult decisions affect the outcome of the adventure, and mean it is impossible to experience all the game has to offer in a single playthrough
* Voice acting for almost all characters in the adventure, resulting in over 3600 lines of voiced dialogue
* Over 30 entirely new hand-made areas to explore, including forests, villages, rocky mountains, snow covered peaks and more
* Different endings based on your interactions with party members, major story choices, sidequests and even your character class... resulting in millions of variations
* New combat scenarios, enemy encounters and new items to help you deal with them!
* A lore friendly experience designed to fit seamlessly with the Dragon Age setting
* Optional puzzles that reward exploration, thinking, experimentation and attention to detail


Getting started:

* Download the zip file for the mod.
* Unzip the zip file to extract the .dazip. Nexusmods will not allow a .dazip file, so this is unfortunately a necessary step. Please delete the original .zip file after extracting the .dazip file.
* Install the mod from the .dazip file using daupdater.exe  Instructions on mod installation can be found here: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Using_Dragon_Age_Mods_for_Dummies
* After installing the mod, select "Other Campaigns" then select "The Shattered War". This will take you to the character creation screen.
* If the mod does not appear under "Other Campaigns", go to "Downloadable Content", then "Installed Content" and make sure "The Shattered War" is ticked on this screen.
* Do not use the "Quick Play" button during character creation.  As your character is designed to start at a higher level, this will leave you with skill, ability and character points unassigned and thus lost forever.


Version 1.1 Update:

The version 1.1 update adds a number of improvements to the game, including:
* Additional cutscenes added at key story points.
* Additional voicing for characters.
* Removed auto-generated voice for characters.
* Addressed load-screen issue.
* Added the chargen.swf file to the module directory, which should prevent any crashes on module startup.
* Alys no longer refers to the player as a mage if they are not one.
* Puzzle in the Crypt has been fixed.
* Talking to the statues in Hidden Grove or Commander Norvac after the battle will no longer teleport the player outside of the map.
* Made a character non-interactive after imprisonment.


Known Issues:
Version 1.1

* Your party members will not gain experience points until you have the ability to choose your party members.
* Sometimes a party member knocked unconscious in combat will not get up even after you have defeated all nearby enemies. This is not a reliably
reproducible issue. If you have the console enabled, open it and type "runscript zz_fix_party" (without quotes), which will resurrect the fallen party member(s) and end combat mode. If not, you may need to restore your latest save.

The below may be fixed at a later date if I am able to obtain assistance in dealing with them:
* Not all characters within the adventure are voiced. While the vast majority are voiced, there are a small number who are not. These characters have no voicing. Please set the "subtitles" setting to either  "Conversations only" or "Conversation and ambient dialogue" in order to make sure you see all dialogue within the game.
* Why is there a party picker when there are only 3 party members?  There were originally 4 planned party members - Keldrin was meant to be the fourth, but due to being unable to obtain a voice actor for him, he was not included as a party member. He still possesses a lot of dialogue (and romance subplot), but I chose not to make him a complete party member.

Version 1.0

* The mod crashes before I get to the character creation screen!
This may be related to a bug in Dragon Age relating to custom strings used during the character generation process.

In order to fix this issue:
Download: http://social.bioware.com/project/4695/
Find your Dragon Age folder which stores mods - "C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\ Documents\BioWare\ Dragon Age".
This project contains a "chargen.swf" file, which needs to be placed inside "\AddIns\AH_tSW\module\data\"

* I see "The Shattered War" text on my loading screen while playing the main campaign!
Apologies, this was an error in my placement of a single file.
Find your Dragon Age folder which stores mods - "C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\ Documents\BioWare\ Dragon Age".
Underneath here, move the "atl_load_town_dxt5_00.dds file" from "Addins\AH_tSW\core\data\" to "AddIns\AH_tSW\module\data\"
This will then only use the custom loading screen during the module itself.

The above two issues will be fixed in an upcoming V1.1 release.



VO Cast
Taraz - Andrew "thedanman" Chung


Jeni Dean

Randall Fitzgerald

Dolidh Young


Robert S Benjamin

Kevin Powe

George R Powell

Additional VO - In alphabetical order:

Adriana Petersen - Peta
Beaver Man (blog.beaverman.net/p/blog-page_14.html) - additional voices
Benjamin Kleman - Garran
Caitlin Buckley (caitlinva.wordpress.com) - additional voices
Chris Perks - Peljoh
DraculaCronqvist - Imralen
finalcrystine - Viktoria, Indeera, Elsi
Goldflareon - Joanne, additional voices
Guit Archon - Ryzil, additional voices
James Beagon - Karan
Joseph Dunkerly - additional voices
Roman Ewert aka KingEtzel - additional voices
MamaSnake - dying scout, survivor
Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja - Kyintan, Quartermaster
Morgenstern - Merrin
MugetsuMiyizaki (James Duffy) - Zan, additional voices
Nial Prince - Warrior
Nitro - Aaderin, Naral, additional voices
Patrick L Dunn - Garoth
Popobutter - Tavor
River Kanoff (RiverKanoff.com) - Anrik, Henrik
Sarah Carol Dawe - Sara, Revered Mother
Scott Oka - Anjou
Sousa aka Aykerusey - Sami, Jala
Viridiane - Desire demon
William T. Sopp - Dal

AmstradHero - Caedron, Scout, Keldrin, additional voices

Additional Credits
Semper- : for providing a base level for Torc's Pass
WeriKK / Peter Kovacs : Source code from the respecialization mod
Dragon Age Inquisition : Some screenshots used as the basis for slideshow images
maky1313x : for identifying the cause of a crash when starting character generation
Except for where noted above, all writing, scripting, level design, and all other content by AmstradHero

Additional thanks to:

Fergus MacPherson
jackkel dragon
Marios Aristopoulos
Meghann O'Neill
The phn crew