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Last updated at 11:25, 13 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 11:25, 13 Dec 2016

Thank you for voting for this mod for Mod of the Month for August 2017. I'm so glad you all liked it XD

I love the Human Noble Origins (and not just because you can become queen :) ) but there was something that was bothering me. Oriana was supposed to be from Antiva but she was as pale as milk. The characters you meet in the series that are from Antiva, namely our cute little diplomat in Inquisition and a certain sex-pest of a crow, have dusky skin.

So I made this to fix it, if only to stop my brain from yelling at me :) 

I darkened her skin (obviously), gave her darker eyes, slightly stronger nose, a new fancy hairstyle as befitting her status as a lady of House Cousland and...voila! 

I wasn't originally going to release her, but a few people have expressed an interest so here she is. This is my first official headmorph so please be gentle with me :)

I know she's not going to be to everyone's taste so if she's not, simply don't download her :) 


Simply download and place in [...]\DragonAge\packages\core\override\ folder

Mods required

This morph does require the following mods; 

SJ Skin

SJ Make-up

Biddle Make-up

More Eyes by SJ

Lovely Tints by Barzi

Look Hair – Frippery Edition – NewSea Desperate07 by Risibisi

Pineappletree Vibrant Colours

If I've missed anything please let me know :)

Please read the Read Me file for hair installation

I would like to thank all the modders out there who took the time to create all the wonderful resources to make a great game even better.
Also, Bioware for a great game.

Any questions just ask and feel free to comment and up load pictures. I like to see them :)

Please don't upload this anywhere else.