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Brings the player from the entrance of the Deep Roads to the lair of the broodmothers automatically.

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Update 19/01/2019

User dobenaruto made a Russian translation for this mod. You can find it here: http://modgames.net/load/1/da_gejmplej/skip_deep_roads/68-1-0-23697

Update 28/07/2017

- The player now receives the Smith's Heart amulet found in the Corrupted Spider Queen's lair
- Filda's quest will only advance to the point of having found Ruck if such quest was accepted to begin with.
(Thanks to member lozneo for pointing up these issues)


This mod allows the Warden to skip a big chunk of the Deep Roads and jump to the lair of the broodmothers, as if he had actually made the whole trip. I made this for quick replays, on account of how long is the Orzammar quest already, even without the Deep Roads. I don't recommend it if this is your first time playing Origins.
To take the shortcut, enter Caridin's Cross and kill the ambushers. A little ahead on the road you will find a lone genlock. Talk to him and agree to be taken as "prisoner". If you kill him now, you will have to play the Deep Roads as usual (he only appears once).
After taking the shortcut, the state of the quests and party will be as follows:

-Reward of 15800 XP (this is my estimate of what one would get if killing all the enemies on the road, but may be too high or too low; if someone knows better, feel free to comment)

-Caridin's Cross, Ortan Thaig and the Dead Trenches are open in the map, in case one wants to visit them later.

-Branka's Journal has been read.

-Filda's quest: The Warden met Ruck, but didn't decide anything special about his fate.

-Orta's quest: The records from Ortan Thaig were found.

-Asunder quest: The Fade beast was assembled and released, for a reward of 25 gold coins. All codex received.

-Topsider quest: The pieces of the sword were returned, for the reward of the Topsider's sword. All codex received.

-Mage's Collective quest: The place of power in the Deep Roads has been activated.

-Drifter's Cache quest: The cache was found and all items taken (Effort's Gloves, Thorn of the Dead Gods and Ring of the Warrior). All codex received.

-Dead Caste quest: The Legion of the Dead armor set  (except shield) and Dead Caste Insignia were taken. All codex received.

-Other codex entries received: Orzammar history 1 and 2, Shaper's life 2 and 3, Caridin's Journal, Gangue Shade, Stalata Negat (all codex), Load Limit, Black vials 3, the First Blight, Thorn of the Dead Gods.

-Other items received: Corrupted Spider Queen's loot (Silk Weave Gloves and Bloodline), Genlock Forge Master's loot (Forge Master's Hammer, Spear Thrower), Key of Bownammar.


Unzip the contents into your My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override folder.