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Replaces vanilla meshes for Medium and Heavy female armors for all races with more unisex ones. Includes edited armor textures to match. No more boobplate.

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Hello everyone. Guess what I spent the last month's worth of free time doing?
The short version is that I was so annoyed with this mod not existing I ended up making it.
The long version involves a lot of cursing, mostly in the general direction of Blender 2.49b's user interface or lack of thereof, that one anonymous Bioware employee responsible for packing original textures and my life choices as a whole.
Enough tea to drown a horse in might have also been involved.

This mod:
- replaces vanilla meshes for medium and heavy female armors for all races with more unisex ones
- adds missing shoulder guard and belt to elf and human female heavy armor models
- fixes several cases of missing heavy male armor textures
- replaces most vanilla textures for medium and heavy female armors with more unisex ones

no more boobplate on your female characters, companions or npcs, ever.
as long as they are wearing heavy or medium armor

16-05-04: 1.0 (release)
16-05-04: 1.1 (pushed a small fix to tint files and added lod2 textures. Sorry about that one.)

- I'm rather fond of the slightly ridiculous gothic plate-like shape of DAO chestpieces, so I ended up sticking with that kind of general silhouette for heavy armor. Sorry in advance.
- tmp7704's proportion fixes/elf update are all mods that have much that is Good and Pure about them, so along with the main file I'm including additional files adjusted to match the proportions of those edits. I didn't try to recreate their exact shape, but arm/shoulder length and position should match well enough.
- hi-res version of textures is available as an additional file, courtesy of JB3textures
- revamping light armors is on my to-do list, but between my current schedule and the complete retexture needed I don't think I can make any promises yet

To install:
- put "NEUTRAL FEMALE ARMOR" folder in your override, remove to uninstall
- you should be able to add or remove the mod at any time without breaking anything

If using proportion fixes/elf update-adjusted versions:
- download the appropriate additional file, unpack it and put the contents inside the main NEUTRAL FEMALE ARMOR folder
- unless you know what you are doing you might want to keep only one folder per race in the main "NEUTRAL FEMALE ARMOR" one
Example: if you are using the elf update and dwarf proportion fix mods, your folders should end up looking like this:

DF - proportion fix
EF - elf update

- you will want to make sure neutral armor takes priority over proportion fixes/elf update mods when the game starts up (with multiple versions of the same file the model that ends up showing up in game is the one the game loaded last!)
The easiest way to do that is probably either to
a) delete all the overlapping files from the elf update/proportion fixes mods (see README for a list of relevant files)
b) create a new folder in your override named "0. base proportions" or something to that effect (it's the '0' that's important) and move the folders containing elf update/proportion fix mods there

If using any of the high-res texture options:
- download the appropriate additional file, unpack it and put the contents in NEUTRAL FEMALE ARMOR's "textures" folder

- this mod will conflict with any mod that edits and replaces the default medium and heavy female armor models or their textures
- mods that use the default armor models and just retexture them (Phoenix Armory, Armor of the Devout etc) may end up looking a bit different than usual

Known issues & bugs:
- for some reason the edited models require the y channel of their normal map to be inverted relative to usual DAO normal maps. All attached normal maps were edited to match, but any mod that's a retexture of the vanilla models and comes with its own normal map might end up looking a little weird up close.
So far I haven't been able to fix it, so if someone reading this happens to know Blender well and knows what might be causing the issue I might just possibly love you forever.

There might be minor clipping. Tbh chances are I accidentally overwrote or forgot something. If you see something looking a bit odd please let me know.
And be on the lookout for version 1.2 I guess.

Anyway, that would it from me for now. Hope you enjoy!

(check out danceoffools.tumblr.com if you are interested in my dragon age mod shitposting)