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Restoration of cut Oghren content

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Bye Oghren

Turns out there was a ton of Oghren content cut from A Paragon of Her Kind, presumably for time. This mod aims to restore as much of that dialogue and behavior in as lore-friendly and immersive a manner as possible.

What it does:
  • Restores a ton of dialogue between meeting Oghren in front of the deep roads entrance and recruiting him
  • Oghren is no longer automatically recruited following that conversation, depending on what dialogue is taken
  • You can enter Caridin's Cross without Oghren (but you do have to return to recruit him in order to progress further)
  • Bugfix -- removes invisible Oghren from the assembly chamber if he is not in the party during that cutscene
  • Restores a conversation after completing Paragon of Her Kind in which Oghren will request to permanently join the party, along with an update to his codex entry that was cut presumably accidentally
  • v1.1 -- Bugfix -- Oghren's helmet is consistently forced off in conversations
  • v1.1 -- Bugfix -- Oghren will not bring up the Felsi sidequest before leaving Orzammar and that conversation will not loop
  • v1.1 -- Nitpicky tweak that replaces "by the Maker" in one PC line with "by the Stone" for dwarves and "by the creators" for dalish PCs

Corrected issues:
  • NEW v1.2 -- Oghren's post-Paragon recruitment dialogue now fires automatically after talking to the new king, as long as Oghren is in your party. It now properly ends when the dialogue is finished and will not play at any other point in the game
  • NEW v1.2 -- Talking to Oghren a second time after refusing to recruit him at first no longer results in the conversation cutting off abruptly before he can be recruited

Known issues:
  • Oghren's dialogue in Caridin's Cross won't fire if you've already entered without him in your party

Files modified:
  • oghren_main.dlg/dlb
  • orz340_steward.dlg/dlb
  • wmt_und_cc_to_ortan.utp

  • Install .dazip with daupdater or mod manager of your choice.
  • Remove oghren_main.dlg/dlb from conflicting mods (such as Improved Atmosphere).
  • Recommend installing before recruiting Oghren and not uninstalling while Paragon of Her Kind is in progress, just in case.

Bye Oghren - Awakening

Oghren's approval will be imported into Awakening and applied when he is recruited. Uses anakin's Event Handler.

A few notes:
  • Due to limitations on the types of information that gets imported into Awakening, his exact approval score won't be imported, but it'll be around the right level and any stat bonuses he has will carry over
  • This should make it a lot faster/easier to finish his personal quest on import
  • I'm not going to fix the bug where Awakening approval scores are sometimes labeled incorrectly (i.e. "warm" or "love" when it should be "friendly"). 1) I don't think I can do so without access to the source and 2) it's funny

  • The main Bye Oghren file IS REQUIRED to be installed (v1.2 or later)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This will only work on imports from Origins that have been saved with Bye Oghren (v1.2 or later) installed. Oghren's approval score is stored by the module whenever the game is saved, so if you want to import an existing save you can just open and resave it after installing the mod before playing Awakening.
  • Unzip file and place in packages\core\override. (if you have issues with event handler you can install it in your game directory's packages\core_ep1\override instead)

Bye Oghren - Override

What it does:
  • It is no longer required that you recruit Oghren before going to Ortain Thaig, so if you don't want to you don't have to
  • Oghren is no longer locked into your party before talking to Branka at the anvil, so you can take whatever party you want through that section
  • If Oghren is not present in your party he will not appear (invisible or not) in any cutscenes with Branka or Caridin

Corrected issues:
  • v1.1a -- Branka should always give you the crown now
  • v1.1c -- Oghren should not spawn in at any point during or after conversation with Oghren
  • v1.1c -- Attempting to leave the final room holding the Anvil of the Void area without Oghren will open the world map for you for fast travel, to compensate for not being able to fast travel by talking to him. Dismissing this world map will probably lock it again (I refuse to edit the the area itself, which might be necessary to stop that from happening) but you can run through that doorway again to get the map back. It's a little kludgy but it will do unless I can find a better alternative.

Files modified:

  • 92961.cut/92977.cut/93019.cut/93020.cut/93054.cut/93058.cut
  • orz540_branka.dlg/dlb
  • orz540_caridin.dlg/dlb
  • orz540tr_oghren_leave.utt
  • orz540tr_oghren_party_lock.ncs
  • orzpt_anvil.ncs
  • wmt_und_cc_to_ortan.utp

  • The main Bye Oghren file IS REQUIRED to be installed
  • Unzip file and place in packages\core\override
  • The latest this can be installed is literally standing in the room staring at Branka right before the point at which the game locks Oghren into your party and starts playing her dialogue, it's pretty forgiving. Don't uninstall until after leaving the Anvil of the Void area. It probably won't break anything but it won't be pretty.