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There are armor and robes from games Witcher 2 and 3 for humans only. Enjoy!You can include it in any mod you want. Just give a link on me.
This is final version- no more updates.
I wouldn't mind if you deside to change these models but you better find untouched armor from XNALARA or XPS. Otherwise models, which the other people have worked, won't work correctly.
Light armor - The Felon's Coat, Bard's dancing shoes, Red Jenny Seekers.
Massive armor - Juggernaut Plate Armor.
Robes - Reaper's Vestments
*Inpack archive to My Documents/BioWare/Dragonage/packages/core/override
*Use script: give_req_witcher
Special thanks for: WeareLegion, MoogleOutFitters, SirensRequiem and makara5656. Also valerie1972, her mod Item Id's allowed me to avoid many problems.
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