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Hairstyles with an accessory. This mod is a wip. :)

Permissions and credits

Preliminary Remarks

None of the hair meshes, accessory meshes and textures I have used are my work!
The only thing I have done, are the ports for Dragon Age and some re-textures or a new uv-mapping for a few hairstyles and accessories.
All credits for the meshes and the textures go to their original "The Sims" artists who were so kind and
gave me their permission or have an open policy which allows ports.

Thank you so much!


The general idea of this mod is to give you the oppertunity to request your favourite hairstyle with an accessory you like.
After seeing some of the available Wedding mods here on the Nexus:

The Grey Warden Weddings by Luna1124
The Royal Wedding by Dahlialynn

I thought it would be nice to have a more wedding-like hairstyle for my Warden or a crown for Alistair. :D
The mod will be a request mod as long as I have time and fun to make the ports.
The mod is a wip and the content depends on your requests.
Every now and then I will add more headgear from which you can chose.
So, you should check up after a couple of months for an update.

To minimize the chaos of naming the files, everything will be a circlet or jewel
even if it is obviously a tiara or headband or what ever.
The hairstyles will have a more or less good bone weight but not all will have their LOD2 files.
Of course you will still have the clipping effect with long hairstyles depending on the armour you are usin

If you don't like the colour of the headgear you can load the diffuse map in Gimp or PS and fiddle around to create your own.

Only one request for each!

1. Pick an available hairstyle from the The Hairald of Andraste mod
2. Pick the headgear
3. Post your request in the comment thread.  No pm's!
4. Don't forget to write the name of the hairstyle, for which race and gender!!

This mod contains high polygon meshes.
Using to many of these hairstyles at the same time can maybe slow down your pc peformance.

Here comes the usual stuff...
After downloading the mod, extract the zip file and put the folder in your override folder.

The override folder is usually found here: "My DocumentsBiowareDragon AgePackagesCoreOverride"
although the location of yours might differ.
Use a compiler such as the CharGenMorph Compiler by TerraEx to merge the "chargenmorphcfg.xml".
Alternatively you can edit the chargenmorph file yourself by copying the lines
from the included chargenmorph file and pasting them under the corresponding section headings in your original one.

There should be only ONE chargenmorph file in your override after compiling. If you have more than one, it won’t work!


Just throw the folder in your recycling bin and delete the edited lines from the Chargenmorph file!

& Thanks

one of these meshes and textures are my work! They are the work of the following wonderful "The Sims" creators:

Headgear meshes and textures:


Hair meshes and textures:

Agustin/ BlackSweety/ Butterflysims/ CazyFantasyrogueFourTSevenLapiz LazuliNightcrawlerMelodie9NewSea SimsNouk/
/ Raonjena/ Sky Sims

Thank you very much to these people for their permission!

Tools used

NewbyPowers Blender Import Script

Blender 2.49b

GIMP 2.8

GFF4 Editor

DA-Tool: Model manipulator

Only these websites are legally authorized to host my mods and files:

The Hairald of Andraste - Accessory Mods