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Patched and fixed version's of TommyIrianto's Of Ferelden mods for later versions of Improved Atmosphere.

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TommyIrianto's Of Ferelden series of mods are awesome. They add a lot of great content to the game, and greatly improved the consistency between Dragon Age: Origins & Dragon Age 2. However the mods have not been updated for quite some time, and there are some outstanding issues, especially with the Improved Atmosphere versions.

All of the mods were made for older versions of Improved Atmosphere, and needed to have their file structure changed to work. Some of them also had other issues with IA, which I also fixed. I also removed the dependency that some the mods had on other mods besides Improved Atmosphere, so that you do not have to download other files.

In a few cases, especially in Grey Wardens & Noble Couslands, contents of the mods were changed to re-balance the game, and make the equipment progression make sense.

If you do not have Improved Atmosphere, just use the original mods, they still work fine.


Requirements & Compatibility

  • All mods require Improved Atmosphere
  • You should use all of the Improved Atmosphere modules for the best experience
  • You should start a new game after installing this mod, in order to ensure that all features are working properly

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