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Are you not annoyed by Schmooples incessant snuffling ? Who can rest in that camp, let alone resist the temptation of feeding that nug to the Mabari ? Well. Now, Schmooples is quiet. At last...

Permissions and credits
That lil' mod only silences Schmooples, Leliana pet nug. Nothing more.

Well, to be completely honest, it does actually silence *every* idle nug in the whole game. But at least, now the Warden party can sleep in peace, isn't ? Plus, it's not like Schmooples had a particulary interesting conversation anyway...

* -------------- *
** Installation **
* -------------- *
* Simply extract the zip archive in your "My Docs /
* Bioware / Dragon Age / packages / core / override"
* folder.
* That's it.
* If you want to hear the nugs, but why would you
* unless you are a nug snatching agent for some dwarf,
* simply remove the phae_silentnug folder in the very
* same path.
* -------------- *