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Update 11/9/17:
As requested by many, here is a lower stat version of my armours.  Each Item only has 3 bonuses as opposed to my usual 6. The third one is kind of a BS stat.

Download the main file as usual, then place this one in the override.  If you want to go back to the high stats, just take this one out of override and respawn with console.

If you already have the item spawned in your inventory, you will need to respawn it with the console to get the new stats.

runscript rak_bbst

Update 7/29/14:
Fixed it so that the item sets work properly.

Update 7/28/14:
Light gloves weren't spawning properly - fixed it.

I was never happy with the way my Blight Buster armors looked in DAO. I fixed them up and made them work with the UDK. They are stand alone files. I added the hood for the mage, and made a helm for the rogue. Unzip the Dazip file, and place the other folder in override. If you are not happy with the stats on the armors, remember that you can adjust that with the winter forge. Much thanks to TMP7704 who brought these armors over from DA2. His project can be found here:

Will spawn in inventory first load after you defeat the Tower Ogre, or use the script:

Is upgradeable at Soldier's Peak

The screen shots are shown with my tints for the UDK, found here:

UDK can be found here: