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A morph for Isabela to match my DA2 version of her.

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This is a morph of Isabela for Dragon Age Origins, to match my morph for her in DA2 (as closely as possible anyway - she should at least look like she could be the same person now - as with my Anders morphs consider it a WIP).

Version 2 Now Up! Gave her my new eye texture like her DA2 counterpart. Also, I changed her facial features very slightly, to improve her likeness and because I thought she looked a bit squished before. (Wish I could get a better pic of her - the lighting in the Pearl is terrible for screenshots...) No longer requires Dracomies' True Textures.


Version 2: No additional mods needed!

LOTC's Eyebrow Presets
You don't need this mod for mine to work, but you'll want it for Isabela to appear as pictured. (totally forgot about that when i posted my screens - sorry if anyone downloaded and wondered!)

Version 1 only:
Dracomies True Textures, part of the Dragon Age Redesigned mod.

You only need to install the textures, not the mod itself. If you are already using that mod, you must delete the file "hf_den200_isabela.mor" that is part of that mod or they will conflict.


DA2 Isabela and Flemeth to DAO by hsli

This will give Isabela her DA2 armour and daggers. When I used it I simply deleted the file "hf_den200_isabela_da2.mor" without any issues, but if she appears without a head in your game (or you just want to be on the safe side) just make a duplicate copy of my morph, rename it "hf_den200_isabela_da2.mor" and drop it into that mod folder. The hair mesh/textures within are identical to the ones included in my mod (since that's where I got them from), so you can safely keep both or delete one.


hsli, for porting over Isabela's hair to Origins.

My DA2 morph for her is available here:

Edit: I provided a download of the mrh and mop files, but you'll still need the main file for the face texture and hair.