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100 plus standalone armors for all of your Dragon Age needs.

Permissions and credits
RL’s Fashion Bazaar

. . Shortly after Queen Aeducan’s death, an injured elf was found in the Frostback Mountains by a hunting party. Half frozen and near death, the elf was brought to the city and nursed to health. In the loneliness of his mourning, the King visited the young elf many times during her recovery. They fell in love. When she found that she was with child and not wanting to jeopardize the King’s position, she ran away into the Deep Roads never to be heard from again. A dwarven merchant, Bodahn Feddic discovered the child in his search for goods in the Deep Roads and adopted him, never knowing his true lineage.

In an obsessive plot to have House Tethras reinstated to the Noble Caste of Orzammar; Bartrand Tethras, the eldest Tethras son and head of the disgraced house, concocted a fanatical scheme involving this dark discovery.
As a high-ranking member of the Dwarven Merchant Guild, Bartrand would use his influence and position to send his servant, Hugin, bearing unique armors to Ferelden in the guise of increased profits for the Guild.
Under Bartrand’s orders, Hugin would travel Ferelden selling the Guild’s wares while covertly making his way to Orzammar. Once in Orzammar, Hugin would approach King Aeducan and reveal the secret that the lyrium-addled dwarf, known as Sandal is actually the King’s bastard son. To keep this silent, the King must restore House Tethras, thus ensuring Bartrand's return.

These are the goods furnished by Bartrand to further his diabolical plan.

The “Fashion Bazaar” is base primarily on the mod “Loincloth Fashions” by Entopie as well as resources from “Back to Ferelden” by Sabrine, “Flemeth Robe” by hsli amycus and kronaras, “Assasin Armor and Rapiers” by Petrovich & lautasantenni, “Natural Bodies” by NewByPower, “Amazon Curves” by J1nX aka neojam and the original “Warden Robe” port by LadyofPayne. Without the generosity of these authors, this mod would not have been possible.
Many, many Thanks to the above authors and to the wonderful DA2 authors for their permission to use their creations. Please visit these authors’ sites and leave a comment for their beautiful designs.

I would also like to express my appreciation to:

-Bioware for allowing the port of items between their games.
- Dragon Age Nexus for the wonderful modding platform
-Setiweb for being my touchstone and tester and allowing the use of the beautiful morphs.
-Entopie for being my inspiration and my modding Guru.
-Valerie1972 and theskymoves for their work on the item variation spreadsheet which has saved the last hairs on my head.

This mod contains 100 plus standalone armor sets made from the beautiful retextures found on The DA2 Nexus, as well as a few of my own. Permissions for these retextures were granted to me by the author or permission was granted on the author’s mod site. You must have the authors’ permission before using their resources. A list of the authors can be found at the bottom of this description page, in the “Permission & Credits” section and in the Readme, which is included with the download.
With the limited amount of item variation numbers and the heavy use of the clothing and light armors numbers, I have used the Medium, Heavy and Massive numbers for this mod. Restrictions are removed and the item set bonus will add a -25% fatigue reduction to offset the weight.
The armors are packaged into three (3) .dazips; Medium, Heavy and Massive and will require the console to add each armor set to your inventory. The .dazips can be used together or separately. A list of the scripts is included with each .dazip.
Pictures of the Medium armors will have a red background, Heavy armors will have a yellow background and Massive armors will have a black background. Armor replacements will have a light blue background. Hopefully, this will help in identifying which .dazip has the armor you like.


** Most of the armors have the LOD files. A few do not. Therefore you may notice that the bodies will contort at a distance. To remedy this, talk to the companion wearing the armor that is contorting. If it is your warden, just talk to anyone. A long conversation is not necessary; just get to the point of “never mind”.

**Some of the textures do not translate well to DAO. You may notice some slight discoloration or errant shadows. I’ve done my best to tweak everything to show the armors in the best way for DAO and I’m still working on the skin shading.

**A list of item variation and item set numbers is included in the download section for those interested.

**I have noticed a glitch with the item set bonus not appearing when the PC and a companion(s) wear the same item set. The PC’s item set bonus will disappear when reloading a save and sometimes when entering a new area and it will not re-initiate even when un-equipping and re-equipping parts of the armor set. I do not know why this happens and I have tried to solve the problem with no results. If this happens to you, I have added an optional file called “The Ring of Shadows”. The ring will compensate for the PC’s missing set bonus. It is a separate download under miscellaneous. I have also included a separate jewelry set (ring, belt & amulet) for those of you who might be interested. It is called “Blue Shadow Accessories”.


The Winter Forge by Phaenan

The Winter Forge User Manual by Phaenan

Make CONSOLE commands visible by Angel

pyGFF by Mephales

Help with opening your console

-Install the .dazips;
You can use DAUpdater found in Program FilesDragon Agebin_ship or you can use
DAO-Modmanager by Altorian
I used both and the mod installed with no problems.

-Open your console and type the script of the armor you want.
(Help with opening your console can be found above, just click on the link)

Delete the .dazip and the mod folder located in the addins folder.

Known Issues or Bugs
There should be no conflicts with other mods. If you discover a problem please let me know the armor and the mod in which it conflicts. I can upload a fix.

Tools used
-pygff editor v1.0 by Mephales:
-TlkEdit2 by EwaldTheUnimaginative (Requirements: Java 6 or above installed)
-Dragon Age Readme Generator v1.0 by InsanitySorrow
-GDApp – GDA Editor by elys
-Dragon Age Tool Set
-XnView-.dds viewer
-Photoshop Elements

-Thanks to the Nexus for the wonderful modding platform and allowing the port between
-Thanks to all of the DAO and DA2 authors for the use of their mods.
-Thanks to Isriana for allowing the use of her wonderful art, titled: “Dragon Age Origins: The Party”.Please take the time to check out her fantastic gallery.
-Thanks to Sunnie for the item delivery scripts
-Thanks to Thor for his "StandAlone Guide"
-Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on.

A list of my other mods can be found here:
RogueLass DAO page and DA2 page

The textures belong to the individual authors.
You must get their permission to use their resources

- My grateful and humble appreciation to all the talented modders who were extremely generous to allow the use of their exquisite creations. Thank you does not begin to express my admiration for what you have done for making my modding experience enjoyable.

DAO Authors
J1nX aka neojam
DA2 Authors
Morozik75 aka Vadik