Dragon Age: Origins
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Allows for multiple romances at the same time.

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*** Recently moved from File Planet - due to the large file size it cannot be hosted at Bioware Social but please visit the project page for more information - http://social.bioware.com/project/1436/ ***

I hate love triangles.

In movies, television, books, games, whatever, there are always these great and noble characters who fall apart when faced with jealousy. I say, if two or more people love you and especially if they are friends, they should be on the same team.

This mod allows for multiple romances at the same time. I haven't just taken away the jealousy flags, I've rewritten conversations using lines from elsewhere in the game to
preserve the original voice acting and to make the multiple romances make sense.


v1.1 changes
-Added conversation choices for and about Morrigan and Zevran to allow the possibility of multiple simultaneous relationships including them.
-Expanded the conversation with Alistair about Leliana.
-Removed catty comments between Morrigan and Leliana in the party banter dialogue.
-Altered the conversation with Leliana about marrying Anora or Alistair to make it possible to continue a relationship with her whether or not she has been "hardened".
-Added the pc line to Leliana's dialogue "I just want to tell you how wonderful you are." so you don't have to say "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."


This mod is not compatible with other mods that modify the following files:



Known issues:

-If you reach adore with Zevran and he has the conversation with you about Anitvan poetry and you later reach adore with another follower you will never get the conversation with him about having other lovers. This does not prevent you from having multiple relationships with him and others- you will just never get to talk about it.

-I have no realistic way of testing if the party_ran_banter.dlg has exported properly. If anyone gets a banter conversation between Leliana and Morrigan that involves jealousy, please let me know.


One other note- In keeping with the spirit of the game, you still have to say the right things to convince the characters that this is the right way to go about things. Save often! Also, back up your saves from before you install the mod just in case anything is majorly wrong.

I hope you enjoy this mod and please let me know what you think!