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Here we are at last. After a month of tinkering around with the idea I finally got around to finishing it!

If you're tired of seeing plastic supermodel characters in your game, or simply want to have some level of realism thrown in, then here's something that will add a natural flavour in your current or next playthrough.

Contains all natural looking HF morphs with no makeup or hint of plasticity, and they're ALL there for you to use and make as your own from scratch. EF and DF will follow, but with Christmas drawing near I don't have the time to work on more.

I included MOPs in case you don't use the toolset and would rather make from scratch in the CC.


Simply copy and paste the MOP names into your chargenmorph xml below the Human Female Heads and save. I'll get to working on an actual chargenmorph for it, but I'm so busy atm. Check Readme or Required Files tab for the mods. As for the main file, pop them right into the override folder in the main directory or toolsetexport folder located in documents.


And I did my best to ease up on the quantity of mods so that you'll only require the skin textures and nothing else, but let me know if I missed something.

Hope you like it, and have a wonderful Merry Christmas!