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This is a modification of the Human Noble Background. It changes your start equipment, so that you actually look like a child of Ferelden\'s second highest noble house. When the game progresses you gain proper equipment for a noble.

Permissions and credits
You start the game without weapons and armor, wearing only silk garment.
You prepared yourself for supper and farewells after all, and not for war.

If you deemed it necessary, you would have equipped yourself with your personal weapons and armor, of course. Both, your allies and your foes are well aware, that a Cousland would never enter the battlefield wearing untanned hide armor and armed with rusty iron daggers.

This is a modification of the human noble background. It changes your start equipment, so that you actually look like a child of Ferelden's second highest noble house.

The mod also adds some additional items, containers, and opponents into the game, and improves items that already exist. Generally attempting to make you look and feel more like a noble than before. Everything is added seamlessly into the game, either by changing the contents of existing containers or by adding new containers.

You end the background story with some hard-earned extra XP, fairly good equipment (tier 3 without runes), money and treasure worth about 5-10 gold, and of course the famous Cousland family blade, wrought of finest Silverite.

You also gain a custom-made armor in this mod, either Scale Brigandine for a rogue or Plated Mail for a warrior. This armor is steel with slightly different coloring and abilities (each set is using its own material) and provides special item-set bonuses:

Medium Armor
Material: Fatique value lowered by 3% (halfway between Grey Iron and Steel)
Item Set: -5 total fatigue, +2 Defense

Heavy Armor
Material: Armor value increased by 7% (halfway between Steel and Veridium)
Item Set: -3 total fatigue, +1 Armor

As of v1.1, you can change the colors of the armor, by placing a tint file named jog_noble.tnt into your override folder. Several tint-files that change the cloth/leather to different color are included.

For additional info see the notes in the readme, as it may spoil your experience; both, if you never played the human noble background and if you want to be surprised about how I changed it.

It should be noted that this mod is heavily inspired by Obsidians Nobler Noble.

It started as a couple of private modifications to items added by ObsidianWarlock's mod, but evolved into a complete reinterpretation.

I don't mean to jump into competition but want to present an alternative take on improving my favorite background story. The mods play differently and your gain from playing them differs as well. So please try both mods and decide for yourself which one you prefer.


V 1.0a (21.December.09)
  • Fixed the chamberlain's note adressing a man as "Lady"
  • Fixed a minor placement inconsistency of the armor stand.

V 1.1 (22.December.09)
  • Fixed a bug where a male character would get 9 gold rings instead of one
  • Added option to change the tint file for the custom armor