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A project to enhance Dragon Age\'s worst textures, and to fix graphical inconsistencies, without hurting performance or consuming excess RAM or VRAM.

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What is Theta HD?

If you've played Dragon Age, you've noticed that some textures are extremely low resolution. The standard texture size in Origins is about 512x512, but some large objects instead use 256x256 textures, which creates glaring graphical inconsistencies. Theta HD is a project to bring ultra-low resolution textures into line with the better ones, and to bake lighting on some items and details that were skipped in development. This improves immersion and graphical fidelity by creating a smooth and consistent amount of detail throughout Ferelden. This mod won't blow your mind, but it will fix various immersion-breaking eyesores throughout DAO, for a tiny fraction of the performance hit associated with JB3. There are many textures that I haven't shown in the screenshots.

Will it work with JB3?

I don't use JB3 textures. Much of his work is done via bump maps and sharpen filters, which are not as effective as overlays or total repaints, and which I'm personally unwilling to expend RAM for. As many of you know, the Steam Ultimate Edition of DAO is not compatible with LAA patches, so that limits many people in regards to textures as well. Nevertheless, if you use JB3, I recommend that you install this mod last and allow it to overwrite a few JB3 textures for best results.

Is there a performance hit?

While there has to be some performance drop, I've only changed the worst textures in the game. Any performance decrease will be so small it should be unnoticeable, and this does NOT require an LAA patch or other optimization. Anyone who can run vanilla ultra textures should be able to run this mod easily.


After the download is finished, unzip the folder.
Place all the loose .dds textures inside your My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/Packages/Core/Override folder.

What exactly does this mod change?

As mentioned, this mod improves the lowest resolution textures in the game to create a more consistent level of detail. The worst textures have already been finished, and although the mod is 'done' I am leaving the possibility of adding a few more textures over time.

-All carts and wagons have been increased from 256x256 to 1024x1024 and retextured.
-All large tents (such as the ones at Ostagar) have been increased from 256x256 to 1024x1024 and run through a high-quality cloth filter.
-All 256x256 doors have been increased to 512x512 and retextured.
-Various low resolution statics such as chess boards, hay bales, or log piles have been fully retextured to improve style, detail, and resolution.
-A couple items' colors have been tweaked to improve graphical consistency.
-Various transparency textures have been increased in resolution and edited to fix large, blurry compression artifacts.
-Many painfully low resolution cloth statics (such as the drape over Morrigan's tent) have been increased in resolution from 256x256 to 512x512 and retextured.

Why is there a giant dragon screaming at me at the top of this page?

Because I wanted to make this mod polished and seemingly epic, that's why. :)
Also, I'm in an arms race against Aegrus to make the most impressive mod description. It's a long story, but at the moment I'm winning.