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Same as my Alistair and Zevran mod. This is my Sten version. I have given him different morphs to show the passing of time during game play.

I imagine he's rather sickly after the emotional and physical trauma he has gone through so I made him look pale and unwell for when you meet him in Lothering. As time passes he regains his horns and coloring and his hair/beard changes.

All Credit goes to tmp7704 for the work extracting and reworking the DA2 files. All I have done
is make slight modification, rename and repackage the mor. files.

Place (ONLY ONE) mor. file in your:

(My Documents, BioWare, Dragon Age, packages, core, override)

This mod is needed for this mod to work properly:

tmp7704, qunari update http://social.bioware.com/project/4592/#details

All Thanks goes to tmp7704.