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A conversion of the exquisite textures from Aremeta's DA2 mods Orlesian Noble Light Armors and Orlesian Noble Hunting Armors, for use with Kirkwall Exports and Loincloth Fashion.

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It's been reported that my runscript for the KE items doesn't work... and I have no idea why, because it does work for me.  So YYMV. Bah. And humbug.


Another wee update!

I got tired of working around the broken script for the Kirkwall Exports MOTA light armour gloves. (And of adding each of the MOTA items individually.)

So I did up a console script that adds all of the MOTA orlesian armours at once:

runscript give_orlesian

should get you one each of

Leather armor (Human female only)
Leather boots (Human female only)
Leather gloves (Human female only)
Noble light armor (Human male only)
Noble light boots (Human male only)
Noble light gloves (Human male only)
Noble light armor (v.2; Human male only)
Noble light boots (v.2; Human male only)
Noble light gloves (v.2; Human male only)
Noble mask (Human male only)
Royal Mail Armor (Massive; Human male only)
Royal Boots (Massive; Human male only)
Royal Gloves (Massive; Human male only)
Royal Hat (Massive Helmet; Human male only)

Requires Kirkwall Exports v.2.17

Install: drop the tsm_ke_orlesian_script folder in yer override.

Uninstall: delete the tsm_ke_orlesian_script folder.


Two small updates!

Loincloth Fashion, by the lovely and talented Entopie, makes the Noble Hunting Armours available to all races and genders. And it works with these textures! (You'll still need Kirkwall Exports for the other two armour styles, and for the Noble Hunting Armours for Human Male characters.)

And I've added an optional replacement for the original tint texture used for the Noble Hunting Armours. At certain tiers - I'm looking at you, Red Steel and Dragonbone! - some of the 'metal' parts of the armour can shift to a pink or red colour. The replacement texture eliminates that issue.


Texture Me Like One of Your Orlesian Armours
Version 1.0

Original DA2 textures by Aremeta
Converted by theskymoves for DAO


Kirkwall Exports, version 2.17 or greater


A conversion of the exquisite textures from Aremeta's Orlesian Noble Light Armors and Orlesian Noble Hunting Armors mods, for use with Kirkwall Exports.

The archive contains replacement textures for

Leather Armor (female only, 10 colourways)
Noble Light armor (male only, 10 colourways)
Noble Light armor V.2/Royal Mail Armor (male only, 6 colourways)

Note that the Noble Light Armor and massive Royal Mail sets share the same textures.

The archive also includes reference images.


These textures will override/replace those packaged with Kirkwall Exports. Kirkwall Exports v.2.17 or greater must be installed.

While only one colourway of each armour can be installed at a time, the modular setup allows each of the three armour variants to utilize a different colourway.

Leather armor = female leather
Noble Light armor = male 1
Noble Light armor V.2/Royal Mail Armor = male 2

After installing Kirkwall Exports, select the desired replacement colourway for each of the armour sets and copy its folder into BioWareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride.

To simplify deinstallation and colour changes, I recommend installing with this archive's directory structure intact: zz_texture_mefemale leatherFerelden, for example.


Delete the folder/folders containing the textures.

Known Issues:

Will conflict with any other texture replacers for the Kirkwall Exports "Mark of the Assassin" armours.


04/04/2013 - Version 1.0


Orlesian Noble Light Armors by Aremeta
Orlesian Noble Hunting Armors by Aremeta
Kirkwall Exports by Amycus

Express permission for this conversion and upload was rec'd. Special thanks to setiweb for so patiently reponding to my inquiries and for curating Aremeta's original work.

Thanks to Bioware for creating Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Mark of The Assassin.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on.

Tools Used:

Photoshop CS2
NVIDIA Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
skuid's DA Normal Map and Height Map Converter
Dragon Age ReadMe Generator