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I noticed a few items were missing from the original mod so I decided to add them.

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Important: I remove all the ".uti" terminations because they annoyed me (refer to the item list included - it's the same list for both mods)
Ex: If you want to spawn "The Rose's Thorn" instead of using 'runscript additem gen_im_wep_mel_dag_ros.uti 1', like in the original mod, you can and MUST use 'runscript additem gen_im_wep_mel_dag_ros 1'.
This is essentially two mosds: AddItemImproved and AddItemWithMaterialImproved they are based in this and this mods respectively. Full credit to them. The mods are, in fact, compatible because the console command is different, so I recommend you install both. The reason I included both of them is because even though additemwmat is superior it can be buggy for a few items, because of that I recommend you use additem for all items that don't necessarily need you to specify a tier (e.g. unique equipables, reagents, potions, etc). Support for this mod will most likely be minimal but you're welcome to leave a comment or message me if I missed an item/made a mistake.
I made this for myself because the original mod was missing a few items and then I decided to polish it a bit and share it because I'm sure more people could use it.
Some expamples of items that were missing:
  • A few more Awakening items (namely gifts for companions).
  • Al the rewards you get from all the DLC's (Blightblood, Battledress of the Provocateur, Sash of Forbidden Secrets, The High Regard of House Dace, The Reaper's Cudgel, Dragonbone Cleaver, The Sorrows of Arlathan, Vestments of the Seer and Cinch of Skillful Maneuvering; note that all of these items have two versions, one of which is designed for Awakening, they each have different item codes).
  • All the items from all of the DLC.

As a bonus I have also included a few shortcuts for commonly used items, their itemtag is in <brackets> (e.g. 'runscript additem copper 2000' will give you 2000 coppers i.e. 2 sovereigns):
  • ale                  Ale (gift) for quick and easy approval gains.
  • copper            Money!! 1000 coppers are worth a sovereign (gold).
  • concentrator     Reagent
  • corrupter           Reagent
  • deathroot          Reagent
  • distillation          Reagent
  • elfroot               Reagent
  • flask                  Reagent
  • lyriumdust         Reagent
  • mushroom         Reagent
  • toxinextract        Reagent
  • health                Potent Health Poultice (most powerful health potion in the OC)
  • mana                 Potent Lyrium Potion (most powerful mana potion in the OC)
  • injury                 Lesser Injury Kit (I think it's better because of cooldown)
  • injurygreat         Greater Injury Kit (most powerful injury kit in the game)
  • masterhealth     Master Health Poultice (most powerful health potion in the game; only works in Awakening)
  • mastermana      Master Lyrium Potion (most powerful mana potion in the game; only works in Awakening)
  • masterstamina  Master Stamina Draught (most powerful stamina potion in the game; only works in Awakening)

Please refer to the readme's from the original mods(which I have included) and the wikia for further instructions.