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Warden's Keep / Soldier's Peak - Extreme Edition. Minimal drops, tougher opponents with more XP, newly improved restored Soldier's Peak, and the return of Ogre Onslaught.

Permissions and credits
********* Warden's Keep it *********

Extreme Edition released June 1st, 2020

-- Minimal equipment drops to stop inventory bloat. Game code allows for a very small chance of a drop per item equipped plus 1 additional random item.
-- Removed treasure containers of low level or junk items.
-- Most creatures will be level 25 for more XP. However, in combat rank matters more than level.
-- Squeezed a few more points of damage out of Levi.
-- Added two entrance doors to the repaired keep and one exit door to Avernus' tower.
-- Restored Ogre Onslaught to repaired peak.
-- Added a way to leave the repair peak to explore the surrounding area.
-- Added some new toys to play with at the restored peak.
-- Merchant Levi will sell unlimited crafting components.
-- Merchant Mikael will sell unique Black Edition starmetal equipment.


You also, at your option, get the following bonuses when returning to the Peak:

-- Shale gets followed by cats instead of crows.
-- There is a desire demon named Lamppost.
-- The Dryden merchants now buy/sell at the actual flat rate value. Many items to choose from.
-- By default Levi will be a crossbowman. Remove his folder if you want the vanilla commoner Levi.
-- Levels on some creatures have been changed. All critters and weak-normals are now normals. Boss demons are now elites. Sophia and Avernus are now bosses. Sophia is extremely tough.
-- Levels within cutscenes have been maxed to show highest level material.
-- Volume level for ambient sound effects have been turned up on all maps.
-- Added more ambient birdsong to final 'Soldiers Peek repaired' map. Added flora and fauna and other cool things. Halla replace deer outside the keep.
-- All demons and undead will spawn. This will give you larger battles and maximum XP.
-- There are many drops of rare and high powered items and you will want to clear out your inventory of unnecessary items before beginning Warden's Keep. If you're a purist of lore-friendly items and consider these to be over-the-top feel free to sell them off, or destroy them outright.

Use as much or as little of this mod as you want.


Maps are only generated the very first time you visit it. For best results install this mod BEFORE the first time you travel to Soldier's Peak. I recommend making a full save right before your first trip to Soldier's Peak. When finished go directly to camp and make another full save. This way you can play the quest and visit the merchants interchangeably with or without this mod installed. Obviously you must have the Warden's Keep DLC installed.

I've added an update to the repaired Peak map. With this you can go back inside the "haunted" Keep. The door at the base of the tower will take you up to Avernus' tower. The main door will place you back inside the main entrance. As before exit out the main door and you will be outside the haunted Keep. Leave the map and come back to the restored Keep. Replace the current gwb201ar_sp_repaired.are file with this update. To see the effects you will need to start from a point BEFORE you returned to the repaired Peak.

Before installing this mod I strongly recommend installing Dragon Age Redesigned and The Winter Forge mods. These mods will make your experience with Warden's Keep It, and the rest of the game, so much better. IMHO if you're not using these mods you might as well turn off your computer and read a book instead.


Added an optional inventory bug fix. For example heavy gloves will no longer be mixed with light gloves. Dwyn's sword will show with the other long swords instead of being at the bottom. Etc. This fixes vanilla items and Warden's Keep items. Just drop the file anywhere in your override folder and the fix will take place immediately. If I find other bugged items I'll update this file.

Added optional Kickass Origins. This will change a NPC in your starting origin into an easy combatant that will drop all of Sophia Dryden's equipment. Originally made for my beta testers now it's for you impatient adventurers. UPDATED to a lootable chest instead of combatants. Modders can customize.

Added optional Arcane Warrior Casting. Typically the game will require some spells to be cast with the weapons sheathed. While this mod will remove that requirement it also adds the spell Bloody Grasp to that list. I've also taken the liberty of increasing these spells out to very long range, with an exception to personal/cone spells due to game limitations.

Added misc Gameplay Effects.  Game Effects are my personal cheats and annoyance removers. Just drop what you want into your override. See comments for detailed description.  (This file was moved here from my Morrigan & Leliana mod.)



Thanks to my beta testers Parcheetahzan, kani_hime, Risibisi, makara5656, and Thandal. They have a halla named after their warden. (Phaenan has one too.)

Special thanks to my senior testers who have been at this a long time, ahlewis32 and ladyluck278. They have their morphs up in the terrace.


Installation path:
<...>Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/override

Installation instructions:
Just drop the folder(s) into your override folder.


Uninstall instructions:
Remove the folders(s) you no longer want.


Known issues:
Combatting undead too close to Sophia or Avernus will trigger their cutscene. At that point the cutscene proceeds normally and combat will continue immediately afterwards. To avoid this I recommend you tank the undead away from them before crossing the trigger boundary.


Known conflicts:
Improved Atmosphere will conflict with the Warden Commander's boots & gloves. Deleting gwb_im_arm_bot_mas_wcm.uti, gwb_im_arm_cht_mas_wcm.uti and gwb_im_arm_glv_mas_wcm.uti from <...>Improved Atmosphere1. Global1.4. ItemsUTIArmors, WeaponsFor Warden's Keep folder should solve this problem.


Recommend mods:
I have a ton of them installed myself but as I've said before these really stand out...

Dragon Age Redesigned

The Winter Forge & TWF User Manual


DAO/DA2 Modding Tools


Please check out my other mods under my username.