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{ Head Morphs for DA:O }


After playing though DA:O for many, many months I realized something: These characters could look better. But after hours of slogging through files online I found I could never really pick ones that I felt "fit". With minor trepidation I whipped out the Toolset and started on a journey...

So here we are now. The utterly indescribable SugarBeautyCharm Series! These are Morphs that I use in my game, and thought that I would share them with the world. Part Fantasy inspired, part European Model inspired, part Anime inspired. Ridiculous Morphs befitting a ridiculous name. I think YES.


SugarBeautyCharm - Leliana

My inspiration for this was something more... innocent. Something defintely more natural. Something about the original Leelee just looked odd and beastly. Not to mention almost all of the Morphs I was finding offered the unmistakable scent of KOOL-AID dyed hair.

So I went with a more natural and sweet Strawberry Blonde. Sprinkled on a few freckles over a rosy blush frosting, and I had myself a perfectly pretty Orlesian Cupcake.


IMPORTANT: This requires quite a bit of custom content. Please see the "ReadMe" in the download file. Thank you!

{ gimme some suga }