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Funeral Kiss

Here is a scene I created as an extension to the original funeral for the
Warden. It adds a scene where Alistair gives the Warden a kiss, similar to
the kiss the Warden gives Alistair in my Alistair's Funeral Mod. This mod is
compatible for every origin.

With this mod, you have the option to change Alistair and the Warden into
noble clothes. By default, they will be in their armor.

Both the Alistair and the Warden have four options to choose from. You can
have only ONE folder in your override folder for Alistair and ONE for the
warden. There are pictures provided so that you may choose which one you

Pick one folder from each of these and put it in your override folder:


Amaranthine Noble - Dragon Age Awakening Only
Burgundy and Gold
Dark Purple and Gold
Regal Purple and White


Amaranthine Noble - Dragon Age Awakening Only
Dark Purple and White
Gold and Purple
Pink and Gold

Note**** You have to have Awakening installed on your computer to use the

Amaranthine Noble clothes, or they won't appear.


This mod should be compatible with the following as I have these mods

installed on my computer:

Rendevouz at the Tavern
DAhlia's First Night
Dahlia's Royal Wedding
Improved Atmosphere
Improved Romance Scenes - Alistair's Funeral version
Alistair's Funeral
Dragon Age Redesigned
The Last Night
A Hero's Sacrifice
ZDF (please see compatability instructions)

or any mod that does not alter cutscene_funeral.dlg file.

***ZDF users will have to delete the ZDF version of cutscene_funeral.dlg and

let my version override the original.***

Drop this folder into your overrides folder.

Simply delete from your overrides folder.

See the new video and my other Alistair projects currently in the works:

The Break up