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Name: Concept Robe
Version: 1.0
Date: 22/09/2012
Category: Clothing
Author: LevanaFay


22/09/2012 - Fixed respawning issue, or at least I seem to have. Please redownload and let me know if it works now without giving you an extra robe with each load.

Added alternate tint maps for those that want the blue channel to be the corset. Just follow the instructions in the readme included in the download.
It probably won't be compatible with the tint i have provided as the brown will be the neck cloth instead of the corset.


For Female Human/Elf/Dwarf MAGE only. I really loved the concept art for the female mage robe, so I thought long and hard about trying my hand at it. Unfortunately I can't seem to make heads or tails of Blender, so I'm sticking to textures. I knew there was already an attempt at making the concept mage robes, but they used the in game mage robes as a base and I can't stand those belts that hang off of it, so I decided to use a different mesh. The noble clothing mesh was chosen primarily because it doesn't mirror the skirt, its just one texture wrapped all of the way around. I know that the sleeves aren't long and free, which is a shame but unavoidable. Please see the known issues section.

The robe will be a bland red colour when it first appears in your inventory, which is why the Universal Dye Kit is so highly recommended! The tint I've created and used for this Robe in my screenshots is available for download in the files tab if you want it. Just rename it to whichever tint you want to override and drop it in your override directory.

I'd love to see screenshots of the robe in use!


This Robe uses clothing variation number 103.

The stats of this robe are;
+3 Magic
+2 Spellpower
+10% Chance to ignore hostile magic
+15% Defense
Restriction= Mage

This mod is compatible with the Universal Dye Kit and it is highly recommended that you use it. Don't forget the blue channel when making tints for it!


1. Download the .7z file from the files tab.
2. Extract the .dazip from the .7z and Run the DAUpdater application from your 'Dragon Age/ bin_ship' directory.
3. Select the dazip and load it into the game.
4. Enjoy.


1. Uncheck this module from the 'Downloaded Content' menu (it's in the in-game top menu along with 'New Game', 'Load/Save Game', etc.)
2. Delete the 'Concept Robe' folder from your 'My documents/ Bioware/ Dragon Age/ Addins' directory and the appropriate .erf file from your 'my documents/ Bioware/ Dragon Age/ core/ data' directory.
Or if you use DAmodder, just uninstall it using its menu.

Known Issues:

Will look very odd if used with any mod that changes the noble clothing mesh. For example; if you use TMP's proportions mod the shoulders look much more puffy and like a dress than bare skin.
Will conflict with any clothing variation that uses the same ID number.


22/09/2012 - v1.1 - released with fixed spawn script
- released optional alternate tint maps
- released tint file
- v1.0 - Initial release.


Please leave a comment or PM me on the Nexus.


Biowares' Chantry robe skirt texture was used in the creation of the skirt in this mod.
Thanks to Bioware for creating Dragon Age: Origins.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on.
Thanks to the creators and contributors of the tutorials and tools listed below.

Tools Used:

Dragon Age Tool Set
Dragon Age ReadMe Generator

Various tutorials, most notably;
weriKK, Custom Player Items
Adinos, Easier creation of retextured models
John Vanderbeck, A better way to check for existing items before spawning
John Vanderbeck, 2DA or not 2DA - Overriding 2DA files
ixokai, creating a new variation/texture of an existing item


Please do not alter and/or re-host this file without my explicit permission.