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2 morphs of one of my favorite people. One is a slightly younger version than the other so you can switch them out when you feel like. Or not.

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I admit it, I adore Alistair. I like the way he looks, and the way his character is written. However, it does seem to me that even if you don't harden him, he grows up a lot more during the game than anybody else and I wanted his looks to reflect that. I did some minor tweaking and gave him an earring to symbolize his freedom from the Chantry and the way he idolizes Duncan. I like being able to start him out young and then switch to a slightly more weathered version.

I hope you enjoy it/them.

P.S. I also decided to include my Leliana morph. She's close to the original, I wanted her to be a little prettier without losing any of her character.

2/9/2012 - added a chargen files which includes the earring hairstyles I used from TMP7704's mod. If you are having trouble seeing his hair, I hope this helps.

The only conflicts of which I am aware would be other .mor files for Alistair and Leliana.

My thanks to Bioware for a great game which has provided me with many hours of entertainment, and the toolset which allows me to play for more. I also want to thank all the modders out there. You have inspired me. Special thanks to the following modders whose mods I used here:

Tucked Hair by tmp7704 - (please make sure to download the earring hairstyles)
Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors by Pineappletree - and
Lord Spartan Full Stubble by Lord Spartan -

Under Forums I added a troubleshooting topic with some fixes if you need them.