Dragon Age: Origins
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About this mod

The objective of this mod is to smooth the talent progression curve, make obscure talents worthwhile, remove some combat annoyance, while maintaining overall balance, without straying too far from vanilla gameplay.

Permissions and credits
Complete Version History and Tweaks List are included in the ReadMe, also accessible near the top of the page beside "Track file".

Please utilize the "Discussion" tab for feedbacks or suggestions.

WARNING: If you're upgrading from 3.1 or before, please remove all previous versions first (or install with DAModder, since it auto removes old version). If this is your first time installing, please remove shields from all characters before installing. (See FAQ)


The objective of this mod is to smooth the talent progression curve, make obscure talents worthwhile, remove some combat annoyance, while maintaining overall balance, without straying too far from vanilla gameplay. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to achieve better balance across all talents and improve combat experience in general.


Download one of the the dazip packages (normal or PAR) and CT SP Module Fixes, and install both with DAModder.
If this is your first time installing this mod, remove all shields from your characters before installing, or risk gimping your character's armor. See FAQ secion for why you have to do this. (This step does not have to be repeated while updating the mod. Also does not concern new games or characters that come with shield.)
If you want to use the optional files, download and read included instructions on how to install. The optional files only update occasionaly (sometimes not at all). You do not have to reinstall the optionals with every update, but if you extract them to the "denl_combattweaks" folder under override, they will get removed when you update to a new version with DAModder.

    CT SP Module FIxes (Last updated with version 3.2)
    Some fixes require a module that extends Single Player (CT extends Core Game Resources so it can work with stand-alone campaigns), therefore it has to be seperated from the main package. It does not update with every version, only where there's a new fix or modifications to existing fixes. It currently includes the following fixes/tweaks:
  • Combat Magic Display Fix- Solves the glitch in which damage display does not reflect the tweak made for Combat Magic in CT.
  • Combat Tactics Tweak - Higher ranks now give more tactics slots: Ranks 1/2/3/4 gives 1/2/3/4 tactic slots respectively. (from 1/1/2/2 in vanilla) KNOWN ISSUE: The "X tactic slots gained" pop up while learning a Combat Tactics skill does not show the correct number. This cannot be resolved unless I override the entire sys_chargen.ncs, which I would rather avoid.
  • Item Set Bonus Fix - Itemset bonus will be recalculated anytime a party member is added via party picker (like while leaving camp). No more need to re-equip.
  • +Healing Received Fix - "+X% Healing Received" items now actually work.
  • Supply Party Buff to New Members - Supplies any party-wide buff to new party members added via the party picker, without having to toggle the buff off then on again.
  • Uninstallation
    Uninstall with DAModder, and delete the optional files if you use them.
    Note: Deactivating the mod will require uninstallation, since it utilizes the override folder.

    Optional Files
  • Area Scaling Tweak - Increases all area max level to 20. May result in lower xp in your playthrough as higher level enemies generally give less xp.
  • Creature Scaling Tweaks - Increases scaling of enemy attributes, health, damage scale, resistances, etc. based on rank. Comes with three presets, also included explanation of the fields so you can configure them yourself.
  • Event Manager Patch - Improves event compatibility of CT with other mods that uses event manager, at the cost of reduced performance, therefore it's optional.
  • Pet Persists Through Area Load - Pet doesn't mysteriously disappear when zoning.
  • Links
    Combat related mods made by me:
    Dog Gift Tweaks
    No Automatic Deactivation
    Quickbar Tweaks
    Two Specializations Sten

    Non-combat related or cheat mods made by me:
    Bodahn Tweaks
    Console - Add Points
    Golem Registry and Shaper's Life Reward Fix
    Summoning Portal
    The Magic Box

    Awesome mods by others:
    Advanced Tactics (by Anakin)
    Character Respecialization (by weriKK)
    Detailed Tooltips (by Bibdy)
    Personal Annoyance Remover (by Rekicker, already incorporated into this mod)

    Latest Changes

    Changes in Update 3.23
  • Fixed weird behavior of knocking down with Telekinetic Weapons at ranged. (Thanks dbkkk)
  • Changes in Update 3.22
  • Fixed a bug with Virulent Walking Bomb not applying its effects. (Thanks loststorm)
  • Updated Event Manager Patch again to solve potential problems with mods that don't use event manager.
  • Changes in Update 3.21
  • Fixed a bug where the four tier 4 poisons still can't be used even with Improved Poison-Making.
  • Fixed a bug with several high tier poisons' cooldown not being shared and doesn't decrease with rank. (Thanks Natham Maedhros)
  • Updated the Event Manager Patch; now can be auto-installed with DAModder and does not require reinstall on every update.
  • Changes in Version 3.2
  • Incorporated +Healing received fix into this mod. Having both mods (CT and +Healing) installed will create no problem, but It's safe to remove the other one if you wish.
  • The CT Difficulty Patches are combined into the Creature Scaling Tweaks package. Included better explanations on fields so you can make your own tweaks, also added one more (harder) preset.
  • Added a new optional file Event Manager Patch, which uses a slightly modified version of Event Manager. It improves event compatibility with other mods that also uses event manager, at the cost of reduced performance, therefore it's optional.
  • CT now also overrides item_aoe_instant.ncs.
  • General
  • Optimizations to reduce combat lag when there are a lot of onhit item properties (such as poisons, damage runes, magic enchants) involved.
  • Flaming Weapons - Halved damage to +1 per power (spellpower/7.5), but added 1% chance per power to apply +20 instant fire damage.
  • Frost Weapons - Halved chance to freeze per power down to 0.5%, but doubled freeze duration to 2 seconds.
  • Telekinetic Weapons - Reduced AP bonus to +1 per power (spellpower/7.5); added a 0.75% chance per power to knock target down.
  • All electricity damage can drain stamina; no longer limited to electricity spells as in previous versions.
  • (CT SP Fix) Itemset bonus will be recalculated anytime a party member is added via party picker (like while leaving camp). No more need to re-equip. (Thanks Malignpariah)
  • (CT SP Fix) +Healing Received item property now actually works. (incorporated from one of my other mods)
  • Crushing Prison - Turned off auto-targeting, so if you have an enemy targeted, you can still choose cast it on an ally for combo. (Thanks dbkkk)
  • New spell combo V.E. - Fixed a bug where it also works on elite creatures contrary to what codex entry says.
  • New spell combo M.I. - Toned it down a bit, see codex entry for what changed.
  • Corrected lots of errors in effect icon tooltips.
  • Item Properties
  • Added detailed info to item property text (in equipment tooltip) for properties that have variable power, like magic enchants, runes, and coatings.
  • Bonus damage from runes, weapon buffs, etc. can no longer cancel effects like sleep or root. Meaing, one attack has only one check, not separate checks for each bonus damage floaty.
  • Plugged a potential exploit where rune properties or poisons were working with shapeshifted forms. Now only magic weapon buffs can work with shapeshifted formes as originally intended.
  • Runes
  • Flame Runes - In addition to fire damage, now has (2*rank)% chance to apply extra +20 instant fire damage.
  • Frost Runes - In addition to cold damage, now has (1*rank)% chance to freeze target for 2 seconds.
  • Lightning Runes - In addition to electricity damage, which damages stamina for the same amount, now has (1*rank)% chance to electrify target for 1 second.
  • Paralyze Runes - Now has (2*rank)% chance to paralyze target for 3 seconds. In vanilla, all ranks have 5% chance to paralyze (no increase per rank), with each increased rank only increase duration by 1 second.
  • Slow Runes - Now has (3*rank)% chance to slow target by 50% for 6 seconds. In vanilla, all ranks have 10% chance to slow for 10 seconds, with each increased rank making absolutely no difference at all.
  • Poison-Making
  • All coatings now have a shared 60-second cooldown, meaning you can only use one coating at a time. Power of the coating now increases with skill rank of poison-making (of the coating user). Like spells/talents, effects from same attacker don't stack, but will refresh duration.
  • Flame Coating - +(2*rank) fire damage, and a (4*rank)% chance to apply extra +20 instant fire damage.
  • Freezing Coating - +(2*rank) cold damage, and a (2*rank)% chance to freeze target for 2 seconds.
  • Shock Coating - +(2*rank) electricity damage, which damages stamina of the same amount, and a (2*rank)% chance to electrify target for 1 second.
  • Acidic Coating - +(2*rank) nature damage, and a (5+rank*5)% chance to damage target armor for -(3*rank) for 5 seconds.
  • Soulrot Coating - +(2*rank) spirit damage, and a (5+rank*5)% chance to decrease target physical, mental, spell, and all elemental resistances by -(8*rank) for 5 seconds.
  • Poisons
  • All poisons now have a shared 60-second cooldown at poison-making (of poison user) rank 1, which is reduced to 40s at rank 2, 25s at rank 3, and 15s at rank 4. The reduced cooldown will not reflect in mouse-over tooltip, but actual cooldown will be reduced.
  • Tier 4 poisons, including Concentrated Demonic Poison, Concentrated Soldier's Bane, Concentrated Magebane, and Quiet Death, will require Improved Poison-Making (rank 2) to use. This change will only affect new poisons aquired, not what were already in the inventory.
  • Now when poisons proc its effect, and a previous proc effect has not expired yet, it will refresh duration instead of ignore.
  • Venom/Concentrated Venom/Adder's Kiss - +2/4/6 nature damage, and 10/15/20% chance to slow movement by -50% for 6 seconds.
  • Deathroot Extract/Concentrated Deathroot Extract/Fleshrot - +2/4/6 nature damage, and 10/15/20% chance to stun for 2 seconds.
  • Crow Poison/Concentrated Crow Poison - +3/6 nature damage, and 10/15% chance to reduce attack and defense by -10/-20 for 6 seconds. In vanilla, crow poison was supposed to have a stun effect (slightly longer than deathroot poisons), but did not apply at all due to a bug.
  • Soldier's Bane/Magebane - Absorbs 3 stamina/mana per hit against stamina/mana users. Mana/stamina users will get absorbed stamina/mana back as mana/stamina. The concentrated version has double the power (absorbs 6). In vanilla, these two poisons actually refill target's stamina/mana instead of drain.
  • Demonic Poison/Concentrated Demonic Poison - (No change, only FYI) +5/10 spirit damage.
  • Quiet Death - +3 nature damage, and 15% chance on each hit to stun creatures for 2 seconds. For non-elite creatures below 20% health, each hit has 50% chance to instantly kill it. For elites below 20% health, each hit has 50% chance to apply extra +15 nature damage.
  • Bombs
  • All bombs now have a shared cooldown of 20s; radius increased from 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters.
  • The following numbers are given in the format of poison-making of bomb user (rank2, rank3, rank4). At rank 1, bombs all have a base damage of 60 with no special effect.
  • Fire Bomb - (70, 80, 90) fire damage, and a (50, 75, 100)% chance to apply extra (10, 20, 30) instant fire damage and knock targets down. Will remove cold based effects, such as frozen.
  • Freeze Bomb - (70, 80, 90) cold damage, and a (50, 70, 90)% chance to freeze for (2, 3, 4) seconds. Will remove fire based effects, such as fire dots.
  • Shock Bomb - (70, 80, 90) electricity damage, which damages stamina for the same amount, and a (50, 70, 90)% chance to electrify target for (2, 3, 4) seconds.
  • Acid Flask - (70, 80, 90) nature damage, and a (60, 80, 100)% chance to damage targets' armor for (-4, -8, -12) for 10 seconds.
  • Soulrot Bomb - (70, 80, 90) spirit damage, and a (50, 75, 100)% chance to reduced targets' physical, mental, spell, and all elemental resistances by (-10, -20. -30) for 10 seconds.
  • Changes in Version 3.1
  • CT SP Module Fixes is updated with new Combat Tactics change. Also got rid of redundant calculations in the code.
  • General
  • Bow/Shield Stat Tweaks are now part of the main package, also updated Bow Stat Tweaks (see image section). Remove the tweaks from whereever you installed them if you were using them before. IF YOU WEREN'T USING SHIELD STAT TWEAKS BEFORE, REMOVE ALL SHIELDS FROM YOUR CHARACTERS BEFORE UPGRADING TO 3.1!
  • Optimizations to reduce combat lag.
  • Daggers and Shortbows now do 165% damage (instead of 150%) on crits and backstabs(for daggers).
  • Summoned creatures (ranger pets and animated dead) will now get party buffs automatically after being summoned, without having to toggle those buffs off then on again. (Thanks neckes)
  • Fix vanilla bug where spellpower was applied a -10 modifier (along with attributes) in a lot of combat calculations.
  • Combat Magic +10% TM(threat modifier, shortened from here on out) is back, to make holding threat easier.
  • Fixed a bug where impact threat were not updated correctly on cone spells.
  • Corrected a lot of spelling/gramatical errors in tooltips as pointed out by squiremarr. Thanks squiremarr!
  • Talent Tweaks
  • Changed resistance check attribute for most dual weapon and archery talents back to cunning, except the knowckdown hit of Punisher which still uses strength.
  • Deadly Strike - Enabled use with bows: when used with a bow equipped, it will be a ranged attack talents like other bow talents, with an aim delay of 0.2s.
  • Upset Balance - Enabled use while having a ranged weapon euipped.
  • Pinning Shot - If root effect is cancelled early (due to damage), target will still be slowed for the remainder of the duration. Reduced slow penalty to -40%(-50%). Cooldown is back up to 15s.
  • Spell Tweaks
  • Added 4 new secret spell combos.
  • Improved Drain - Now also work with Affliction Hex.
  • Blood Wound - Changed targeting back to vanilla setting, where you can cast at range. Reduced radius to 6 meters.
  • Winter's Grasp - Reduced chance to freeze by 50%.
  • Cone of Cold - Fixed a vanilla bug causing enemies to never resist the frozen effect, and reduced chance to freeze by 20%.
  • Shock - Fixed a bug where the electrifying effect were never applied. (Thanks Daemon Prince)
  • Glyph of Neutralization -Resolved a major bug in which this glyph only applies the spellward effect.
  • Mana Clash - Changed targeting back to vanilla setting, where you can cast at range. Capped mana-to-damage factor at 1. Added an effect on non-magic users, where their stamina will be damaged for (100+Spellpower)*0.25, but will take no health damage.
  • Virulent Walking Bomb - Fixed a huge bug in which this spell was not able to inflict other targets upon explosion.
  • Paralyze/Mass Paralysis- Enemies under the effect of Weakness or Miasma can no longer resist the paralyze effect. Removed boss immunity, and resolved a bug where non-boss enemies could never resist the spell.
  • Affliction Hex - Turned off auto targeting so you can still target the spell at a location if you already have and enemy as active target. Decreased cooldown to 30s.
  • Misdirection Hex - Added an effect against magic users where their spells have a 50% chance of being resisted by a hostile target. (Separate check from spell resistance check.)
  • Death Cloud - Now has a -25% spirit resistance penalty while inside the AoE.
  • Skill Tweaks
  • Combat Tactics (CT SP Fix) - Higher ranks now give more tactics slots: Ranks 1/2/3/4 gives 1/2/3/4 tactic slots respectively. (from 1/1/2/2 in vanilla) KNOWN ISSUE: The "X tactic slots gained" pop up while learning a Combat Tactics skill does not show the correct number. This cannot be resolved unless I override the entire sys_chargen.ncs, which I would rather avoid.
  • Much improved tactic slots progressions with level. You have 3 slots starting fom level 1, and gain one slot every two levels.
  • Changes in Update 3.02: Dueling can activate with ranged weapons now, forgot to remove the requirements in 3.0. (Thanks Stratified)
    Changes in Update 3.01: Resolved a permanent penalty issue with fear.

    Changes in Version 3.0
  • Added a CT SP Module fix package, moved the Combat Magic display fix in there, as well as adding a fix that supplies any party-wide buff to new party members added via party picker.
  • Affinity bonus from 2.9 reduced by 20%.
  • Removed the enchantment glow all over dog and Shale's entire body whenever a magic enchant is on.
  • Fixed a potential issue where consecutive knockdowns could apply permanent defense penalty. Also increase knockdown/slip defense penalty to -25.
  • Fear Effect - Now while feared, target suffers -10 defense penalty. Target now has a 20% chance of being awakened from fear whenever damaged.
  • Root Effect - Now only has 50% of being cancelled while damaged, instead of 100%.
  • Threat Tweaks
  • Minor optimizations to improve performance (reduce chance of "combat lag" on slower machines).
  • Revisions on all threat numbers from abilities.
  • Since threat numbers are still under constant revision, I've delaying adding them to tooltip. For now, I've included threatdata_ct.xls, which contains all ability threat info, in the main package at the root of the dazip for your information.
  • Added a console command "threatmod" that shows you your current threat modifier for all generated threats of the currently controlled character.
  • Threat modifier has a minimum of -50% and maximum of +200%.
  • Mages no longer generate extra perception threat.
  • Fear Effect - Any fear effect will clear the threat table on application, except the impact threat (if any) that applied the fear effect. Note that while target is feared, new threat can still be applied by attacking the feared target.
  • Increase/Reduce Hostility - Reduced the modifier from +/- 50% to 20%
  • Notable new threat manip methods (FYI)
  • Spellwisp (-5%), Rock Armor/Arcane Shield (-10%), Defensive Fire (-15%), Shimmering Shield (-20%).
  • Shield attack talents - Already in last version, but FYI these act as effective single-target taunt; Shield Bash adds 50 threat, with +10 each tier up.
  • Any strong attack talents also effectivly makes enemy very pissed at you. (see the xls for exactly how pissed)
  • Frightening - Clears target threat table (by fear effect), except leaving 40 threat towards warrior(impact threat).
  • Disorient/Sleep -Both clears threat table of target(s). Note that this also means tank's threat is also cleared.
  • Horror - Clears target threat table (by fear effect), but has an impact threat of 30, which can be easily overcomed by having someone attacking the target (or just kill it) during the 10 second fear.
  • Mind Blast and Distraction, you all know about this.
  • Duelist
  • Dueling - Learning Upset Balance grants +5 attack to this mode. Learning Pinpoint Strike grants +2% crit to melee and +1% crit to ranged to this mode. Upkeep increased to 40(30).
  • Upset Balance - Increased movement penalty to 50%(20%).
  • Keen Defense - In addition to +10 defense, this talent now also grants Dueling extra +5% dodge while using ranged weapon (changed on-the-fly, so don't need to reactivate if change weapon set).
  • Pinpoint Strike - Can be used with ranged weapons, but only grants +50% range crit instead of autocrit (will still override Rapidshot's non-crit penalty). Bonus depends on whether you're using melee or ranged WHILE ATTACKING (changed on-the-fly), not while activating talent. Pinpoint Strike effect will be removed when you deactivate Dueling.
  • Dual Weapon
  • Dual Weapon Finesse - Now grants attack talents extra +5 attack. (on top of the +5 this talent already gives, only apply to talents)
  • Riposte/Cripple/Punisher - While backstabbing, effects will always apply without needing resistance check. Also changed resistance checks for all three talents to against dexterity. (Riposte was cunning, Cripple/Punisher was strength)
  • Riposte - Changed resistance check to against dexterity(cunning). If first hit stuns second hit changed to x1.5 damage instead of force critical so if hit already critical there's still bonus. Dual Weapon Expert increases the damage multiplier of second hit (while first hit stuns) to x2.
  • Cripple - Increased innate attack bonus to +10(+5). Dual Weapon Mastery increases both attack and defense penalty by -5, to a total of -15 (to target).
  • Punisher - Only the second hit check for attack/defense penalty now, instead of all check for them while last hit overriding previous results. Decreased penalty duration to 15s(20s) and made it rank adjusted. Dual Weapon Mastery increases both attack and defense penalty by -5, to a total of -15 (to target). The knockdown resistance check still uses attacker's strength, or cunning with Lethality. Corrected tooltip to state that it actually makes 4 blows instead of 3.
  • Dual Weapon Sweep - Dual Weapon Expert make this talent never miss. Furthur increased cost to 30.
  • Flurry - Made final hit always crit. Dual Weapon Expert make this talent never miss. Removed cost decrease from previous versions.
  • Whirlwind - Reduced the double damage bonus introduced before to 50%. Dual Weapon Mastery makes the attacks stun targets for 2 seconds if both weapons hit.
  • Archery
  • Aim - Removed the extra 5 attack bonus introduced by CT long ago.
  • Master Archer - Now grant +10 attack while wielding a bow, applies to both normal or talents. Due to this, innate attack bonus for talents are readjusted.
  • Pinning Shot - Changed the physical resistance check from cunning to dexterity. Increased Master Archer duration bonus to 3.5s. Has innate +10 attack.
  • Crippling Shot - Reduced base effect duration to 10s(20s), while Master Archer grants extra -5 attack and defense penalty (to target). Made the duration rank adjusted. Increased cooldown to 15s. Has innate +10 attack.
  • Critical Shot - Further increased cooldown to 20s. Has innate +15 attack.
  • Arrow of Slaying - Cap the level difference bonus at 5 levels. Added Lieutenants to the list of enemies that would get half of this bonus damage (along with bosses and players). For the strained penalty after firing arrow, increased stamine regen penalty to -2(-1), and added an attack penalty of -10, also increased duration to 15s(10s). Master Archer reduces penalty to -5 attack. Has innate +20 attack.
  • Shattering Shot - Halved Master Archer bonus armor penalty to -5, and made the duration rank adjusted. Change knockdown check to every target requiring a physical resistance check. Has innate +10 attack.
  • Suppressing Fire - Made the new 30% slow in last version only apply if archer has Master Archer.
  • Scattershot - For the stun effect, added a physical resistance check against dexterity for players and colored enemies (normal enemies can't resist). If passed the check, duration is reduced to 1 second (Thanks dbkkk). Removed the mysterious 15 extra damage on each hit. Talent is back to always hit on secondary targets.
  • Shapeshifting
  • Now while shapeshifted, enchantment effects can work (for spider/bear only, since swarm cannot attack). (Thanks twoism)
  • Spider/Bear Form - No longer turns off automatically when run out of mana. (Thanks neckes)
  • Flying Swarm - Removed a debug floaty I accidently left in. With Master Shapeshifter, increased swarm damage AoE radius from 4 meters to 6 meters, but every target beyond 5 meters only suffer quarter damage. Swarm damage is tripled against any target suffering from the Divide the Swarm effect. Increased mana regen penalty to -2(-1).
  • Power of Blood (Abilities from Warden's Keep)
  • Tooltips for Power of Blood abilities are now updated with detailed info like with other abilities, also fixed other info display (in vanilla all PoB tooltips are missing cooldown info, and Dark Passage, a passive ability, had useless info like activation cost and range).
  • Enabled impact/use threat and modal threat modifier with these abilities too.
  • Blood Fury - Changed the useless knockback effect (push enemy back a bit but does nothing else) to a knockdown + push back effect. Adjusted stamina cost to 15(30), cooldown to 15s(10s).
  • Dark Sustenance - Changed 100 instant mana restore to +10 mana regen for 20 seconds.
  • Bloody Grasp - Removed the annoying permanent effect icon. Now icon will only appear briefly and be removed on projectile impact. If you already have the icon, cast the spell again and it will go away. No longer requires weapon sheathing while AW casting.
  • Other Talents/Spells
  • Perfect Strike - Cost reduced to 50(60).
  • Disengage - Cost actully increased to 30, was supposed to be done in 2.9. (Thanks NightKidz)
  • Shield Block/Tactics - Added +5 defense permanent bonus to these talents.
  • Shield Expertise - Changed the +5 defense perma bonus to +5% dodge chance.
  • Indomitable - Cooldown further reduced to 15s.
  • Sunder Arms - Cooldown increased to 15s(10s).
  • Mighty Blow - Further reduced cost to 30. Cooldown reduced to 15s(20s).
  • Two Handed Sweep - Cooldown increased to 30s(20s).
  • Feign Death - Cooldown reduced to 180s(300s).
  • Removed UI access for pets and animated dead, due to an annoying bug it introduces with party picker.
  • Updated AI to avoid enemies wasting Blood Wound spell due to the self target change. (Thanks Maadman)
  • Stinging Swarm - Added penalty of -10 attack and defense, plus -20% movement speed while being swarmed.
  • On the Horizon
  • Crafting skill changes, where higher tier might give bonus while using the crafted items.
  • Changes to elemental runes/coatings/bombs. Each element will be more differenciated rather than just a different damage type.
  • Solve the overpowered problem with being able to stack lots of poisons and coatings.
  • Item property bug fix/changes. Fix some item properties that do nothing, or tweak the way they work to be better.
  • Readjustments on existing tweaks.

Complete Version History and Tweaks List are included in the ReadMe, also accessible near the top of the page beside "Track file".


This mod will not be fully compatible with mods that overrides these files:
.ncs files starting with talent_
.ncs files starting with spell_

Or mods that override these events (doesn't return handling to default handler):

Or mods that override the entries of these 2DA (.GDA files):
abi - abilities/skills/items mentioned above
bitm - bows or shields
cla - templar or spirit healer
exptable - all
itemprps - poisons, coatings, magic enchants, or runes
itemstats - bows or shields
passive_abilities - passive talents mentioned above
persistent - Captivate, Aura of Pain, or Death Magic/Syphon
properties - Ranged Aim Speed, Fatigue, or adding any new property
shapechange - all
summons - all

Obviously, if you use another mod that modifies the same talents/spells/mechanics as this mod, one of the mods' change will not take effect even though there is no direct file conflict.
Optional file Event Manager Patch improves event compatibility with other mods that also uses event manager, but at a cost of reduced performance and will not solve all problems.


Q: Why do I need to unequip shields and save before installing the mod for the first time?
Some statistics on equipments are only applied/calculated on equip/unequip, armor is one of them, which a shield tweak of this mod modified. So if you equip the shield before the installing, zero armor will be added to your character. Then you install the mod, shield now gets 1 armor, and you remove it from your character, the game now sees you are removing a 1 armor equipment, so subtracts 1 armor from your character. There your character is armor gimped.

Q: What about characters that come with shields, like Alistair and some origins?
They won't be affected. Don't need to worry about them.

Q: Oh rats! I didn't bother to read the instructions and already armor-gimped my character, is there a way around it other than loading an older save?
Yes. With the mod still installed, requip your shield (the one you had equipped while you applied the patch) and save. Now remove the mod, go back to your game, unequip, save. Now you are safe to install the mod again.

Q: How does regeneration work exactly? A flat number really doesn't mean much without the context of time.
You're right, I don't know why they don't explain this more clearly. Exploration regeneration ticks every 3 seconds, while combat regeneration ticks every 2 seconds. Exploration/combat regen values are separately maintained, so when an equipment gives you +1 combat health regen, it in no way affect your exploration regen. So for example, if you have 5 combat stamina regen, you will regeneration 5 stamina every 2 seconds during combat; 20 exploration health regen means you regenerate 20 health every 3 seconds during exploration.

Q: How does range attack speed work? What's the relation between aim speed and attack speed? What about melee attack?
All of the game's calculation is done in durations. An applied effect increases or decreases duration, not speed (math is slightly different).
So, to make this easier, let's call the time it takes to aim "aim duration" and to attack "attack duration". Melee attacks only concern attack duration.
Modifier applied to aim duration is in flat numbers, and to attack duration in multipliers. Multiple multipliers are cumulative, not multiplicative. (ie. Two 20% bonus is 1+0.2+0.2, not 1.2x1.2)
For range attacks(both bows and staves), the total time between each shot = attack duration(time to load the shot) + aim duration(time to aim).
Attack duration (in this mod) for bow users is fixed based on your armor type on chest only; light armor (0.6s), medium armor or heavy w/ Master Archer(0.8s), everyone else (2.0s). For stave users it's 0.3s.
All attack speed modifier(multipliers) does not apply to range attacks (bows and staves). This has been tweaked in this mod, so attack speed bonus/penalty affect everyone now.
Aim duration = weapon aim delay(based on weapon type) + sum of modifier(flat number not multiplier) from talents + Rapid Aim bonus(-0.3s) if the bow has it. The resulting aim Duration has minimum of 0.
Weapon aim delay is 0.1 for staves, 0.2 for shortbows, 0.3 for longbows, and 0.8 for crossbows (0.6 in my optional bow stat tweak), as you might be aware already.
In order to avoid confusion, I describe the tweaks in terms of how the actual calculation was done; a flat number for aim duration, and a multiplier(percentage) for attack duration.

Q: Do you actually get the full amount of your attribute bonus? Should I expect 1 point of extra damage if I put 1 point of str into my two-hander? What about dual-weapon? Just how "reduced" is my offhand damage?
You never get full amount of your attribute bonus. In vanilla, both weapon and shield(or just a single weapon), bow, and two-handed weapon gets 50-75% (random roll) of attribute bonus. With dual weapon, main hand gets 25-50%, while offhand gets 0-25%. With Dual Weapon Training, offhand bonus gets increased to 25-50% to be the same as main-hand. This mod increased two-handed bonus to 65-90%, since if you're swinging something with both hands, more of your strength should apply.

Q: Should I favor Defense or Missile Deflection?
A common misconception is that Missile Deflection is only for range. That is not the case. When attack by melee, your defense rating (in calculating if attack hit) is just Defense. If it's a range attack however, your defense rating would be Defense + Missile Deflection. So, if the value is close enough, always favor defense. And yes, archers do need attack buff to have an easier time hitting.

Q: Can you make 2-handers swing faster? They swing so slow and I miss a lot.
Something must be wrong with your build, as every point pumped into str also contribute to attack. You should not miss all that often. And no, I will not increase swing speed of 2-hander, as that is a characteristic of 2-handed weapons: swing slow but huge damage, with passive debuffs. Remember, with more damage in each swing, target's armor would not apply as many times. I'm focusing tweaks for 2-handers on damage and debuff potential of talents. If you want faster swings, I recommand Sword and Shield or Dual Wield.

Q: Can you get rid of the cooldown on modals(sustained abilities)? Cooldown on modals is stupid.
I do not agree. I think they are there so you cannot switch it on and off at will(Feign Death is a good example). I have reduced some of them where I feel appropriate. Let me know if you think a sustained ability can use furthur cooldown reduction.

Q: Can you release a version with only [tweak X]?
If I make multiple verisons or partition the tweaks, they will not be compatible with each other and will have to be seperately maintained. That is just way too much trouble as the toolset doesn't have a proper source control (doesn't allow basic branches and merges).

Q: What about a config file implementation so we can filter something out?
The readini function is relatively expensive and should not be implemented in very frequently called scripts like the combat-related ones. Every time any creature (not just you) on screen makes a move in combat, related scrips are called, which means the same script can be executed tens of times per second. A slow script performance (I believe, I could be wrong) is what causing some older machines to see damage delays, ie after you swing a sword or cast a spell, damage doesn't apply/show up until a couple seconds later. On the Beyond Feralden blog in the use config file tutorial entry, George had also posted a comment stating: "Be careful when using this construct in frequently called scripts, it can be a bit slow under certain circumstances." Therefore, I've decided against using that. Besides, it's a lot easier to balance the whole mod with the knowledge that all other tweaks are applied, not just a subset of them.