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Black/gold medium armor with an optional hoodie for rogues, or helm for warriors. Also matching swords, daggers and a bow~

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I really don't like most of the helms in the game, so I made my own medium armor set with a matching hoodie. ;)
It won't replace any of the armor sets in the game already. Works on all races M/F. Set bonus gives -20% fatigue and +2 DMG (See additional attributes/appearance in the images area). Also comes with a codex to explain the story behind it~

There are 3 copies of the armor. The main file is the original, then there's another with lowered stats. Both sets include the 3 main armor pieces that give the set bonus(body, hands, feet), as well as 2 options for headgear. When I first made the mod it was intended for rogues and just had the hoodie, but warriors seemed to like it too so now there is a helm with stats more beneficial for them as well. The third set has no stats(but still includes the armor set bonus), made for anyone who would like to add their own stats using The Winter Forge.

The matching weapons are a separate file. Stats similar to Starfang and The Edge. Again, does not replace any other equipment.

Planned updates:
None. I'm not playing DA atm, and don't have the creation kit installed anymore, so there will not be any more fixes or updates for this!
Sorry! I debated making it hidden, but I'll leave it here in case people still want to try it. Use at your own risk tho, it either works or it doesn't~

1. Ensure that Dragon Age is not running.
2. Download the .dazip file to your desktop (or where ever you like).
3. Locate and run "daupdater.exe". (It is in your program folders "dragon age origins\bin_ship" folder.)
4. Either drag and drop ForgottenArmor.dazip into it, or click on "Select dazip" and locate where you saved the .dazip file.
5. Select it in the daupdater then hit "Install Selected".
6. Run Dragon Age! The armor will show up in your inventory and your codex will be updated.
7. Enjoy!


Uncheck the module in the in-game "Downloaded Content" menu.

Known Issues:

The armor set may not spawn in your inventory unless you activate the mod AFTER getting to Ostagar. If you've already installed it and it's not working for you, just uncheck it in the DLC menu, force load your game, save, then recheck it in DLC after you've reached Ostagar and it should work like new! This isn't a problem for everyone, but I'm not sure what affects whether it does or does not spawn before Ostagar. O.o

The gloves may show up as invisible when using the mod Realistic Look - Smaller Hands option. Haven't figured out why yet. o.O

If you've installed a previous version, you may need to delete the old folder, uncheck it in the DLC, force-load your game and re-save it before installing the new copy.

21/01/2010 - V1.3 - Fixed distance glitch
20/12/2009 - V1.2 - Upgraded to 1.01 of the toolset and added a helm for Warriors
16/12/2009 - V1.1 - Fixed gloves from being invisible
16/12/2009 - V1.0 - Uploaded!


Thanks to Bioware for creating Dragon Age: Origins!
Adinos, for DATools.
Branden, for editing the codex, item descriptions and anything else I needed a random opinion on~

Tutorials used:
Krayzie_3334, Retexturing a Armor without Replacing it
Adinos, Easier creation of retextured models
weriKK, Custom Player Items
_Divine_Divinity_, How to add set bonus

Thanks to everyone else updating mods who I copy/pasted the format of this write-up from~

Tools Used:

Dragon Age Tool Set