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You have heard about some land in the Korcari Wilds that is having a problem with an infestation. Since it is unclear what this means, you decide to travel there and investigate. The area is located just below the word \'Wilds\" on the world map (a small grey pin). When you arrive you find the problem to be much bigger than anticipated.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a single-player add-on and is best for higher levels 17 on up (and is

compatible with Quests and Legends and Ser Gilmore). The Infested Grounds map pin

(small size) will appear just above the word 'Wilds" on the world map. It will provide some

challenging battles and you will earn some new items. There are four possible endings

depending on your dialogue choices. It is fully voiced. If you like this mod try my

other single-player add-on quest mods Ancient Elven Ruins (levels 6-7 on up), Pints

and Quarts Tavern (levels 17 on up) and Swampland Adventure (levels 17 on up) for

several more quests.

Installation Instructions:
First unzip the zip file to get access to the dazip install file.

You can install the Infested Grounds dazip which will install into a directory in your Bioware

addins directory called Infestation all files needed are included in the dazip. by using DAModder

which can be found on the nexus site. I highly recommend it for easy installation of mods. It

also makes uninstallation a snap. Many thanks go to the creators of other mods. The

programming would not have been possible without the Bioware community and the other mod

makers that commented in scripts to help those of us novices like myself create scripts

and functions for our mods. I can take very little credit for any programming used.

I am a teacher and have taught digital media, graphic design and fine art. I like the

artistic aspects of the toolset and always wanted to dabble in programming. The toolset

has given me the opportunity to express my art in a whole new way and has become a fun hobby.

I hope you enjoy the mods I make - all single player add-ons - Sonmeister!

first mod - Ancient Elven Ruins (7/2010)
second mod - Pints and Quarts Tavern (6/2012)
third mod - Swamp Tower (6/2012)
fourth mod - Infested Grounds (6/2012) updated 12/20/12