Song of the Rose by Dwimordene
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Added: 24/04/2012 - 02:27PM
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Last updated at 14:30, 24 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 14:27, 24 Apr 2012

This is a custom armor and weapon mod for Leliana. I thought that some people might like to have access to this mod still. I did not write this and have no idea how to fix or change anything with it.
There is a dazip file that will spawn the items into your inventory once. This also has the same bug problem that many mods do in that if it is already installed and you make a new character you NEED
to disable this mod first save then re-enable and it will spawn in your inventory.
Honestly I would recommend turning this off until you pick her up since only she can use it.

I hope you enjoy it!

Bodice of the Songstress
+7 Dexterity
+12 Defense
+5 armor
+2 Stamina regeneration in combat
+20 Physical resistance

Gloves of the Songstress
+2 Dexterity
+2% Spell resistance
+20% critical/backstab damage

Boots of the Songstress
+3 Dexterity
+3 Armor
+3% ranged critical chance
+3% melee critical chance
Reduces hostility (-50%)

Requiem (belt)
+4% ranged critical chance
+4% melee critical chance
Reduces hostility (-20%)

Nocturne (amulet)
+3 Willpower
Messy Kills
+2% Spell resistance
Reduces hostility (-20%)

Cadence (ring)
+3 Dexterity
+2 Cunning
+4 Attack

Sonata (ring)
+2 Armor penetration
+1 stamina regeneration in combat
+10% Critical Chance

Aria (longbow)
+3 Cunning
+3 Damage
Rapid Aim
+5% ranged critical chance

Quiver of Thorns (unlimited arrows)
+6 attack
Poison: Crow Poison

Harmony (dagger)
+6 Cunning
+2 armor penetration
+6 attack
Interrupts Spellcasting

Melody (dagger)
+3 Dexterity
+1 health regeneration in combat
+4 damage
+6% melee critical chance
+35% critical/backstab damage

This was made by Dwimordene and I thought that this lovely work should still be shared.