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Companion dialogue adjustments and bug fixes. *Kiss Leliana or Zevran any time; *Ask Leliana to sing again at camp; *Additional minor changes & bugfixes.

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7 November, 2010: as one might have guessed, I have not had time or inspiration to make any new changes or additions to Dialogue Tweaks; real life can be quite rude about interfering with video game time. There is unlikely to be an update to this mod any time in the foreseeable future. Thanks to everyone who has endorsed and made complimentary comments, I appreciate your support. Please see the FAQ below for answers to commonly asked questions from the Comments section.

**WARNING: if you choose to read past this point, you may find DA:O Plot Spoilers**



Q. Will there be a compatible version for other mods (Ser Gilmore, Equal Love, Polyamory, etc.)?
A. Due to real life time restrictions, I am unable to fulfill requests for compatibility versions at this time. Compatibility patches are time consuming: to my knowledge, the only method of doing so is to merge the mods manually by copying changes from one dialogue file and pasting them into another. If other modders wish to create compatible versions of Dialogue Tweaks, the builder-to-builder file is available for download in the Files section. Several popular mods have already had compatible versions made by their authors: ejoslin's various bug fix files, Morrigan Restoration Patch, and Better Sex Scenes have Dialogue Tweaks compatible versions available; please see the specific mod pages for their compatibility downloads.

Q. Why does the sex cutscene play when I kiss Leliana or Zevran?
A. You are using a "sex scenes always play" mod that replaces the default "kiss" cinematic. Dialogue Tweaks should automatically play sex scenes for those two companions when inviting them to bed (after the first time, if they are still willing to go to bed with your character), so the "sex scenes always play" mod is no longer needed. To correct the problem, delete any files in your override and addins directories with leliana_kiss or zevran_kiss in the file name. If you are using Better Sex Scenes, ensure you are using the Dialogue Tweaks compatible versions.

Q. My game is a non-English version, but when I use Dialogue Tweaks, all the dialogue is in English. Will there be a German/Spanish/French/other language version?
A. Unfortunately, I have not had time to learn how to create a non-English mod. If you experience bugs in your game (incorrect voice tracks, etc.), you can try version .90 of Dialogue Tweaks, which should work properly in any language game, although the dialogue will still be in English because I do not have the non-English files. You are also welcome to download the builder-to-builder version of the mod and experiment with talk tables and foreign language conversions.

Q. When I try to kiss Zevran or Leliana, there is a jealous comment from another companion and the kiss scene does not play.
A. The jealousy banter for Zevran and Leliana's kiss options has been set up to work the same as it does for the vanilla kiss options Bioware included for Morrigan and Alistair. It is intended that you don't get your kiss if (a) you have an active romance with another companion and (b) the other companion is in the party. If you dislike this feature, I encourage you to use one of the alternative versions of Dialogue Tweaks: "no jealousy" includes banter, but does not include jealousy banter from other active romance companions, while "no banter" simply plays the kiss cutscene and does not include any comments from other companions.

Q. Why doesn't my male character get a chance to start a romance with Leliana in the post-Marjolaine dialogue?
A. The dialogue was changed as part of an effort to correct Leliana's "ninja" romance at that point of the game; due to the dialogue structure, even if a character had already declined Leliana's romantic advances, she would behave as if the romance was active and profess undying love. When correcting the bug, I chose to do so by following Bioware's developer comments and making the dialogue conditional upon the character being female and romance eligible. It seemed fair, considering male characters otherwise have more opportunities to initiate the romance with Leliana. Unfortunately, I haven't the time to fix this properly, and don't want to do a shoddy quickfix. You will need to ensure your male character's romance with Leliana is activated at other opportunities, or you may bypass that change by disabling Dialogue Tweaks prior to that conversation, activate the romance, and then re-enable Dialogue Tweaks. If I have time to mod again at some point, that will be a high priority fix. In the meantime, you may also wish to try ejoslin's Zevran Dialogue Fix, which addresses the issue and includes Dialogue Tweaks changes.



Changes companion dialogues for consistency, bug fixing, and adds new minor options. All dialogue is voiced by original game voice actors; these are changes to scripting, text, and dialogue conditions to make use of or correct existing dialogue. Changes are modular by companion or event; see readme for details. Suggestions, feedback, and bug reports welcome.

Please note: this was developed on the US-English client and I have not yet had time to create compatible versions for other languages. Using version .91 or higher with other language clients may cause bugs with your in-game dialogue. Version .90 should work for all languages, but the affected dialogue will all be in English.



  • Added a mage-specific option to Leliana's dialogue regarding elves; elf mages have an option to tell her they remember nothing before the Circle Tower
  • Added a "kiss" option to Leliana when at Adore or Love approval; available anywhere, plays kiss scene animation
  • Includes party banter when kissing Leliana
  • Asking Leliana to bed will always play the sex scene
  • Leliana sings: addition of a dialogue option to ask Leliana to sing her song again
  • PC will no longer lose access to dialogue options if approval is raised too quickly
  • Adjustments to Leliana's post-Marjolaine dialogue (see readme for details)
  • Condition added to Leliana's "kiss" so the option is only available if she has confessed her feelings for the PC
  • Two rather blunt options during the "hair" conversation with female PCs will prevent Leliana from later confessing love (see readme for details)

  • at the Circle Tower, after defeating Uldred, if Wynne is alive she should properly confront the PC about being a blood mage. Because this confrontation may result in some plot flags not being set, it has the potential to cause issues with the expansion and is now available only as a separate optional file (dt_bloodmage_package).

  • Added a "kiss" option to Zevran when at Care, Adore, or Love approval; available anywhere, plays kiss scene animation
  • Includes party banter when kissing Zevran
  • Asking Zevran to bed will always play the sex scene (if he's willing to sleep with the PC)
  • Post-Taliesen dialogue with Zevran will properly update the relationship status if the "kiss" ending is selected by the PC
  • Sleeping with Zevran for the first time when he is in love should result in a "nicer" conversation than the standard first post-sex conversation


Not compatible with any other overrides to the same files.
Known Compatibility Issues:
Sex Movies Always Play (all races)
Equal Love


See readme for dazip and manual installation instructions.