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Name: Scale Robe
Version: 1.0
Date: 30/01/2012
Category: Clothing
Author: LevanaFay


12/09/2012 - Added collarless Textures. These are textures only, no mesh. Consequently these require both the main file of the Scale robe you want (so you can get it ingame) AND Dadriell's Enchanter Robes Modv7 (for the mesh) to be installed, which can be found here on the nexus. These textures are for Human and Elf Female only, unfortunately, as they are the only meshes that Dadriell updated. This means that if there are any female Dwarves wearing robes, they may look odd. Just a warning. Dadriell's mesh is a REPLACER, so all female Enchanter robes will be collarless.

Link: http://dragonage.nexusmods.com/mods/3057

02/02/2012 - Added Scale Robe B, a variant with scaled shoulders as requested by cerebii. Both versions have their own ID variation so you can have both in your game if you wish.


For Male AND Female Human/Elf/Dwarf MAGE only. This is my first ever mod, so I decided to do something quite simple, but to make it something I would actually use.
The Scale Robe is based on the Tevinter robe but with the default mage robe texture added to it. I wanted something that would be usuable later in the game rather than the beginning and for it to visually reflect the change that the young wide-eyed mage has undergone throughout the course of the Blight.
For any serious roleplyers out there; I'd recommend not equipping the Scale Robe until you give Morrigan her Robes of possession, for a little balance. The stats aren't that great but they are higher than anything that you get around the beginning (except the dlc and reward items of course).


The stats of this armor are;
+2 Magic
+2 Willpower
+10% chance to ignore hostile magic
+15% chance to dodge attacks
+10 defense against missiles
Restriction= Mage

This mod is compatible with the Universal Dye Kit.


1. Download the .rar file from the files tab.
2. Extract the .dazip from the .rar and Run the DAUpdater application from your 'Dragon Age/ bin_ship' directory.
3. Select the dazip and load it into the game.
4. The Robe will appear in your inventory once you next load your game.
- If you are starting a new game you should make sure the addin is disabled in your downloadable content menu, start your game, save, exit and enable the addin, then reload your game. It will be in your inventory.
5. If you download one of the Textures files, these .dds files will need to be put in your 'Addins/LVF_Scale_Robe or LVF_Scale_Robe_B/Core/Textures' in both High and Medium folders. Overwrite when asked.


1. Uncheck this module from the 'Downloaded Content' menu (it's in the in-game top menu along with 'New Game', 'Load/Save Game', etc.)
2. Delete the 'Scale Robe' folder from your 'My documents/ Bioware/ Dragon Age/ Addins' directory and the appropriate .erf file from your 'my documents/ Bioware/ Dragon Age/ core/ data' directory.
Or if you use DAmodder, just uninstall it using its menu.

Known Issues:

Dadriell's Enchanter Robes Modv7 is for Female Human/Elf only. Dwarves using the Enchanter robes may look odd. Nothing I personally can do about it.
None so far with my main mod files, but please let me know if you find any.
Will conflict with any clothing variation that uses the same ID number.


12/09/2012 - Textures added for use with Dadriell's Enchanter Robes Modv7.

02/02/2012 - Scale Robe B -shoulder variant- v1.0 - Initial release

30/01/2012 - Scale Robe v1.0 - Initial release.


Please leave a comment or PM me on the Nexus.


Dadriell's collarless mesh belongs to Dadriell and is not included in this download.
I adapted my textures to reflect changes made in Dadriell's mesh (the lack of collar and added hood) using the textures provided by Dadriell that fit his mesh. The hood and collar part of the texture therefore belongs to Dadriell.
Original Mesh and Mage robe textures belong to Bioware.
The Scalemail and Chainmail textures were created by me in GIMP and Photoshop and belong to me.
Thanks to Bioware for creating Dragon Age: Origins.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on.
Thanks to the creators and contributors of the tutorials and tools listed below.

Tools Used:

Dragon Age Tool Set
Dragon Age ReadMe Generator

Various tutorials, most notably;
weriKK, Custom Player Items
Adinos, Easier creation of retextured models
John Vanderbeck, A better way to check for existing items before spawning
John Vanderbeck, 2DA or not 2DA - Overriding 2DA files
ixokai, creating a new variation/texture of an existing item


Please do not alter and/or re-host this file without my explicit permission.