Morrigan - True Concept Art Edition by Ben Willock
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NOTE: To all of you who just want the hooded robes/cowl, just download tmp7704's mod from here: http://social.bioware.com/project/4802/#details
Then move all the files APART FROM "hf_genfl_morrigan.mor" to the override folder.
This will install the hooded robes but not the face morph, leaving you free to use whatever face morph you want (i.e. one of the Dragon Age Redesigned ones).

This mod is outdated and has been replaced with a new version
Please go here to check out the new mod!

Hey all!

Its been a VERY long time since Ive played DA:O, but going back to it, there's been one thing that's bugged me from the very beginning; What's up with Morrigan's face?
It looked nothing like the concept art, and while other members have come up with some fabulous redesigns, they all seemed to make her look less and less like the concept artwork.

So, after a day of scratching my head and working out how to use the toolset, I have make such a morph for Morrigan!

Introducing Morrigan True Concept Art Edition! ..... I know the title sucks but I seriously have issues thinking of a name for this.


Version 2.0 is now up, and this one is MUCH closer to the artwork thanks to the hooded robes and makeup.
These files are from tmp7704's "concept art Morrigan" which is on the Bioware network (though unfortunately not here!), which did the robes and makeup but not an accurate facemorph. So this really completes the look. Anyway, as it stands, you'll have to download these files seperately, but if I get his permission, I'll bundle them in here to make it easier to install.... Enjoy everyone!


Version 2.0!!
Complete redux! (told you I wasnt happy!)
Morrigan is now in hooded robes and the makeup matches the concept art MUCH better.
Facial features have also been touched up :)

Version 1.0
Original Release.


Same as 1.0, but you must first download this file:

and install it as normal.
Then just delete the "hf_genfl_morrigan.mor" file he includes, and place folder called "Morrigan True Concept Art" into "yourusername"\Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Packages\Core\Override.


Bidelles Cosmetics ---- http://dragonage.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=473
LOTC's Female Eyelashes ---- http://dragonage.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=1435
Not going to bundle these, go download them yourself ;)

Oh, and if this gets popular (dont see how though ahaha...) I'll spend some time jazzing up this page and I'll try out some other character morphs.

One more thing, the "Concept Art" I'm going on about used to be on the background of the nexus sites before the DA:O and DA:2 Nexuses were split; I've uploaded an image of the official wallpaper Bioware made out of the art so you can see.