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Combat Tweaks


This alters most of the core scripts. As such, it will conflict with anything else that also edits them.

Of particular note are the ability_core.ncs, rules_core.ncs, and sys_chargen.ncs files.


This is a, semi-Modular, re-mastered combination of a large number of the Mods I've previously released on this site. It also extends the default Shapeshifting/Summoning/Dispelling system (read the configuration Readme for details).

How modular is it and what does it contain? Read on.

Note that it is strongly recommended that you uninstall any of the below Mods if they're already installed before installing this. You should also deactivate any sustainable abilities and use the "remove_all_modifiers" console command if updating an existing character from an older Mod version.


The jxmods_config.gda is the main switchboard for most of the Mod's functions. It is suggested you create a shortcut to it somewhere easily accessable so that you can quickly turn features on or off.

Generally, a 0 turns the module off while a 1 turns it on. There are a few exceptions however:

***~~Immersive Specializations~~***

Turning this on will abolish Specialization points and make default Specialization learning possible only through select Single Player events. The Ritualist Class is not affected by this, and it won't do much of anything if active while playing Awakening.

***~~Advanced Abilities~~***

Also known as the "Class and Specialization Pack". The abilities are no longer tied to Specializations, as there was no real point to that since you couldn't spend points on them anyway.

They are still learned the same way however.

***~~Enhanced Shapeshifter~~***

This adds several new shapeshifting forms to the default Shapeshifter Specialization that are learned by killing specific creature types.

Setting it to 1 will enable the forms for the PC while setting it to 2 enables them for everyone. The reason for the split is because the following forms have severe graphic issues with their models if a NPC uses them: Genlock, Hurlock, Shriek, Ogre, Desire Demon, High Dragon, Werewolf, Wild Sylvan, & Grand Oak.

***~~School Mastery~~***

Adds new advanced spells that are unlocked by mastering two or more of the default spell lines. You can only learn one advanced line per school (currently only covers Primal).

***~~BG2 Spells~~***

Adds in quite a number of the spells from the game Baldur's Gate II. They can either be learned from two tomes that can be acquired over the course of the Single Player campaign, or by using the addbg2spells console command.

Note that only the following Classes/Specializations can learn them: Mages, Ritualists, Templars, Rangers, Bards, Spirit Healers, Duskblades, Bladesingers, Blackguards, Shapeshifters, Keepers, Blackflame Zealots, Daggerspell Casters, Soul Warders, Lyric Thaumaturges, & Spirit Shamans.

***~~FFT Jobs~~***

Adds in the Job Class system and related abilities from Final Fantasy Tactics. The starter skills will automatically be granted to any character opening the leveling screen with this option enabled.

***~~Wild Magic~~***

When set to 1, a Wild Mage Tome has a 1% chance of showing up in loot. Also enables the chance of a Wildsurge whenever a Wild Mage casts a non-sustainable spell.


Makes it possible for an Elf/Human PC to catch Lycanthropy from Werewolves.

***~~2H Weapon Extension~~***

Makes attacks from 2-Handed weapons hit all hostile targets in an arc in front of the attacking character, like how it works in Dragon Age 2. This affects both PCs and enemies.

***~~Elemental Effects~~***

Setting this to 0 gives attacks that deal elemental damage basic effects; Fire/Cold damage removes Cold/Fire effects, Electricity drains Stamina, and Nature drains Mana.

Setting this to 1 gives enhanced effects in addition to the above; Fire Spells can set a target aflame, Cold spells can slow targets, Lightning spells can shock targets, Nature damage can reduce Armor rating, and Spirit damage drains Mana/Stamina.

Setting it to 2 disables all of the above effects.

***~~Partywide Weapon Enchants~~***

A setting of 0 makes the Weapon Enhancement spells only affect their target instead of the whole party, and Telekinetic Weapons has had its auto-targeting removed to allow it to be cast on party members.

Setting this to 1 restores their default behavior of affecting all party members.

***~~Enhance Relics~~***

Enabling this module will auto-upgrade select items to be more powerful as you level up.

***~~Memory Band Buff~~***

By default the Memory Band DLC item increases XP gain by 1%, which is so small as to be nearly unnoticable. Setting this option to 1 will increase the buff to 10%.

***~~Awakening XP Nerf~~***

By default, the game multiplies XP gain by 2.5 for doing things while playing the Awakening campaign. Setting this to 1 removes that boost and drops XP gain back down to OC levels.

***~~Personal Annoyance Remover~~***

Disables the persistent visual effects from many Sustainable spells.

***~~Class Override - Warrior~~***
***~~Class Override - Mage~~***
***~~Class Override - Rogue~~***

The game's GUI can only display a maximum of six Classes during character creation. What this does is allow you to semi-override one (or all) of the default Classes with a custom Class added by a separate Mod. You will have all the statistics and abilities of the custom Class, but the game will treat you as the default Class whenever the Core Class is checked. This only affects newly created characters, NPCs will continue to be the default.

To activate, simply set the relevant module option to whatever the cla_data.gda number of the custom Class is. If the Class uses a number from 1-28 by default it's suggested that you change its cla_data.gda entry to be a different, unique, number.

For example: Replacing Mage with Cleric

1. Install Cleric Mod as normal.
2. Find the Cleric Mod's cla_data.gda file.
3. If the Class number is 1-28 (it's 4 by default), change it to something else (such as 29).
4. Change the Mage_Class_Override Config value from 0 to the number from #3 above (29 in this example).
5. Start a new game as a Mage and get to select abilities as a Cleric.

This will also affect characters that use the warriorx, wizardx, and roguex console commands.

***~~Universal Spell Resistance~~***

Abilities used by non-hostile creatures are normally never stopped by Spell Resistance. When this option is set to 1, any abilities that check Spell Resistance will do so regardless of whether or not the ability user is hostile to the target.

***~~Auto-Poison Skills~~***

Turning this on will grant a range of Sustainable Skills (one for each coating/poison type) to any character that has at least one level of the Poison Making Skill when they level up.

Activating one these Skills will use the Poison in question and then, if the character is in combat, proceed to automatically re-use it whenever either its Effect ends or its Cooldown refreshes (whichever is longer).

If you do not have the necessary Poison(s) in your inventory when you use it nothing will happen, and if you run out after it's been activated the Skill will give you a message to that effect and deactivate.

***~~Magic User Weaponstyle Ability Learning~~***

Activating this gives magic users (characters who have Mana Pools instead of Stamina Pools) access to the default weaponstyle Talents via an automatic learning system.


A Magic the Gathering conversion. See the related Readme file for details.

Scripting Enhancements

A great deal of the core scripts and functions have been enhanced and/or expanded. For the basic end user most of these (such as more effect versions and more flexible Shapeshifting/Resistance/Stealth coding) won't mean anything. The three main ones that do are as follows:

1) The number and type of abilities you can gain when shapeshifted has been greatly enhanced and can be customized using the included shapeshift_abi.gda file.
2) The number and type of abilities that summoned creatures can have has been enhanced in the same manner and can be customized with the new summon_abi.gda file.
3) The abilities that Dispel Magic will dispel are now fully customizable by editing the checkspell_override.gda file.


Armor Rune Drop Fixes
BG2 Spellpack
Bosses Killed Statistic Fix
DA2 Style 2-Handed Weapons
DA Class and Specialization Pack
Expanded Shapeshifting
Immersive Specializations
Minor Tactics Table Fixes
Necromancer Specialization
Partial FFT Conversion
Primal Mastery
Quick Shapeshifting
Relic Upgrade
Spirit Eater Class
Weapon Enchantment Expansion
Weapon Master Specialization
Weapon Type Re-Work
Wild Mage Specialization


Awakening in the OC