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Beta Silverlight armor mod. Original by Jojjo.

Permissions and credits
Bleed just contacted me and we might be able to get this mod some extra options and get it out of beta. There is no timeline for this so questions about when will be answered by "I don't know". One of the variants is shown here that still needs some work.

After quite a while of real life just getting in the way of our armor project, I decided just to release what we had for you to enjoy. A lot of people were looking forward to this being fans of Jojjo's work and I am sorry that it never got completed. It is workable but no where near what we had planned. I am guessing that with Skyrim coming out in a couple of days, my working on this file will take a back seat....understandably. *wink*

2 versions the full armor as a one piece. minor difference is basically the feathers on the back.
2 helmets. one open faced and one closed faced.

Install using DAO Modmanager or one of the other modmanagers. This is simply a DAZIP so any of them should work without issue.

via the DAupdater:
1. Unzip the 7-zip archive to a location you will remember. You can get 7-zip here if you don't have it.
2. Open the program daupdater.exe, which is in your Dragon Age\bin_ship folder.
3. Click "Select DAZIPs" and locate the updated main file, "silverlight_vbeta.dazip", and simply drag and drop the file into the dauptater window.
4. Select the dazip from the list and then press "Install Selected."

[size=20pt]Getting the Armor[/size]
You need to have your console enabled. Open your console in game and type "runscript silverlight" without the quotes and it will put one of each piece in your inventory.

[size=20pt]Known Issues:[/size]
The armor only works for human females at this point. The boots and gloves do not show up stand alone. They will make their slot invisible unless they are used on armor that is all one piece like this one or the robe type armors that hid the glove and boots slots. They were made to allow extra places to put buffs on and for future modular capabilities for armor sets we are sadly probably not going to end up releasing. There isn't LOD files so the weird "noodle" animation can be seen if this armor is on NPCs that are distant enough for that effect to happen.

The stats of the armor is set to tier 9 which won't show up correctly unless you have Awakenings in the OC installed as Origins obviously doesn't have Volcanic metal or tier 9. It will just say tier 9 with no material description. If you don't like the buffs or tier of the armor, I recommend you get the Utility Sack V2 (or something similar) which allows you to change a lot of the stats quite easily. The helmets do work with the hide helmet mod.

[size=20pt]Thanks to:[/size]
Jojjo for creating this armor for Oblivion and giving his permission to port it to DAO
InBleedingRapture for doing most of the work

[size=20pt]Recommendations and Requirements:[/size]
You will need to have your console enabled. You must use a console script to add them to your inventory for now. The script is runscript silverlight. Here is the wiki that explains how to enable your console if you haven't already: Enabling your Console
"Make CONSOLE Commands Visible" mod found here.
It makes it much easier if you can actual read what you are typing.