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Added: 12/12/2009 - 04:43AM
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Last updated at 5:20, 12 Dec 2009 Uploaded at 4:43, 12 Dec 2009

Made for Naty who requested this on the nexus forums. http://www.thenexusforums.com/

This Mod Adds a Longbow, Arrows and two Daggers to the players inventory. They are insanely over powered and will 1 shot everything. The Bows aiming speed has been greatly increased allowing the player to fire normal shots extremely fast.

Skills still take the normal time to fire.

I also recommend adding unlimited arrows to your inventory, this is easy to do.

Once in game equip the arrows that came with this mod.
save the game and exit.
start the DA toolset
click on file, open file, navigate to my documents\bioware\dragonage\characters\your characters folder\saves\your most recent slot\your .das file\

opening the .das will open up a menu tree go to SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR then open SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR go to SAVEGAME_EQUIPMENT_ITEMS from there you are looking for the doom arrow it should be listed under 1 if you equiped the longbow. once you have found that go to ITEM_STACKSIZE and type in 65535 for the item value.

Click on file, then click save
go back to file and click close then exit.

Start the game and you will have 65535 arrows in your quiver. Not truly unlimited but unlikely that you will use that many.

Criticism is welcomed however Flames are not. If your intention is to flame then I give you fair warning that I do use the report button. If this mods not for you then simply skip it there is no need to flame.

Changelog: v1.1
Changed stats on the longbow, I had accidentaly included Backstab crit power when I had intended to place that on the dagger, the Longbow now comes with a Dex increase, Also removed Rightouse strike, I had intended to include increased hostility.